01 April 2013

The Muse: Growing Strong

 I have to open by saying I really hate this outfit. Sometimes you just fail and thais was a fail. These jeans have plagued me since I bought them. They are not flattering at all no matter how I try to style them, I wore this sweater to try and tie inmy theme but it was really too short and thus I have an appauling gut. The scarf is hiding greasy hair and made me sort of look like a demented gypsy. Over all I was a mess. I was also  ytrying to keep my camera dry as it startedto rain which is why there are so many awkward photos of me sitting on that random mossy rock. Of course the irony is that people kept coming up to me all day and saying how much they like my outfit. I guess self perception is a funny thing.
 Sweater: Moda International via Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Mossimo via Target
Scarf: vintage, via Grace Episcopal Church jumble sale
Shoes: Leifsdottir via Anthropologie

As for the Tyrells today's family, they have been scattered here and there throughout the first two seasons, mainly through Loras, the knight of the flowers who was Renley Baratheon's lover. They start to be major players this season, and Diana Rigg, great sixties fashion icon herself as Dr. Emma Peel on The Avengers, is one of the most anticipated casting choices as she takes on the role of the Queen of Thorns. They have a great sigil (Highgarten their castle is the breadbasket of the Seven Kingdoms) and good colors, sadly I did not feel I did it justice. Oh well, they're fictitious I suspect they forgive me.

 Also, as you may have noticed it is rare for me to wear jeans twice in one week, however it is for a very good cause. We dressed down to raise money for Laflora research. Recently Mallorie Lindo, one of our juniors passed away at age 17 from this rare form of epilepsy. Its onset usually develops in early adolescence and it is 100%  fatal, usually within ten years. Chelsea's Hope is a foundation that is seeking to raise awareness and improve the lives of those impacted by this terrible disease.

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