11 April 2013

The Muse: Spring has Sprung!

 Well we knew it had to happen eventually, spring has finally, reluctantly arrived in New England. it was lovely to be able to go out in the morning without a legitimate coat, just a light blazer thrown on. White pants, florals, summer flats fashion-wise we're right on target with the weather. Once the sun starts to set however its still chilly and the nights are still down in the forties so we're not totally free of winter yet. Nonetheless it was nice to take some outfit photos next to a little bed of crocuses rather than a pile of snow. The weather has seemed to shine on my outfit photos as well, they've been conspicuously easy to take and the light and exposure has been perfect every day this week. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. For now I'll soak up some sunshine and enjoy.

 Jacket: vintage, Angelica thrifted via Savers
Blouse: Merona via Target
Brooch: vintage, gift from my grandmother
Bracelet: vintage watch fob chain
Pants: New York & Co. via Building 19
Shoes: Not Rated, gift
Purse: no label, thrifited via The Bargain Box
Headband: Forever 21

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