07 April 2013

What's New In the Closet

I've spent the past five days laying low after surgery, with little of fashion to note. I took the time however to photograph some of my new purchases that never got recorded since the beginning of the year. In truth this post could be titled" what I bought at Target" because that's where the lion's share came from. Its funny, I have gone years at a time without buying anything from Target, then suddenly I'll be back on a kick again. In their favor their sale section is great, and its the place to hit if you're short on cash and still want to shop. They also have fun designer lines, and if you read any fashion blogs at all you know that this spring Prabal Gurung for Target was the hottest thing out there. I confess I broke down and paid full price for some things, a rule I rarely relax. On the down side I find Target frustrating because their sizing is so odd, there is little or no continuity in sizing between their different lines and its always a big guessing game when I take things into the dressing room if they are the right size. Quality is also a big issue, a lot of  times their clothes are so cheap because, well they are cheap. Now I realize that the quality at a mass market store like Target is going to be much lower than even a department store, however I've had several pieces literally fall apart on me. So far no major complaints, but I suspect after my orgy at Target I'll probably cool it for a while.

North Attleborough, MA

1.) Mossimo Rose patterned jeans: $11

2.) Mossimo Chartreuse paisley jeans: $13

3.) Oxblood suede belt: $3

4.) Hot Pink and Silver Suede Pumps: $12

5.) Leopard Pint Round Toed Pumps: $8

6.) Mossimo Blue Wool Coat: $17

7.) Mossimo Coral Wool Coat: $17

8.) Purple Sequined Clutch: $6

9.) Prabal Gurung skirt: $30

10.) Prabal Gurung patterned pumps: $40
Total: $157

Krazy Daisy
Slatersville, RI

11.) Avanti embroidered suede coat: $0*

*bought with money made from consignment rather than cash

Better Than New Consignment
Pawtucket, RI
I actually stopped into this consignment shop, which has only been open a few months because it popped up as a recommendation as something I would like on Facebook. I had checked out their website, which lays out some really strict consignment rules, so strict that it turned me off a little. However I figured if they were really stringent about what they consigned this might mean they had more upscale stuff. Its right on 1A in Pawtucket directly before the crossover with Armistice Blvd. The building isn't much to write home about, in fact its a bit dump and dated. They definitely need to work on the atmosphere. Their consignment section was just awful, small, must, and dated. Their vintage section however really saved them. High quality and reasonable priced they had a great, varied selection of both men's and women's vintage. I braved the less than glamorous dressing room and had a bit of a vintage party, coming out with some really nice pieces. The gown was over the top but it fit too good to pass up, now I just need an occasion to wear it. I think this store is still in its really fledgling stages, but with a little cosmetic work and focus (they have way too much going on right now) it could be really nice.

12.) Vintage navy blue, yellow, and green sundress: $20

13.) Vintage pink housedress: $20

14.) Vintage plaid dress: $8

15.) Vintage coral gown: $75

16.) Vintage gingham skirt with cross-stitch embroidery: $10

17.) Personal vintage blouse with dolman sleeves: $15

Total: $148
Just a cautionary tale as to why checking what you buy is helpful, I was actually over charged $22 at this store because the girl rang up one of the dresses twice, usually I'm pretty good at seeing those things but I didn't actually catch it until I sat down to do this more than a month later. It was my first time in the store and I was unfamiliar with their procedures so I was more focused on getting my bearings than on what I was doing, next time I'll know better.

North Attleborough, MA

18.) Nine West metallic pumps: $29

19.) Two Lips faux snakeskin boots: $20
Total: $49

J.C. Penny
North Attleborough, MA

20.) Allen B floral trousers: $14

21.) B Smart black embelised dress: $8

22.) Liz Claiborne geometric print blouse: $4
Total: $26
- $10 coupon
= $16

Urban Outfitters
Boston, MA

23.) Pins and Needles Cream Silk Dress: $39

24.) Cooperative cat flats: $20
Total: $59

Target: $157
Better Than New Consignment: $148
J.C. Penny: $16
DSW: $49
Urban Outfitters: $59
Year to Date Total: $429

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