31 March 2013

The Muse: Family, Duty, Honor

 This week turned out to be far more eventful than one would normally expect for a four-day week. The biggest event was the arrival of our new Gilder Lehrman exhibit, which if you aren't familiar (and believe me, nobody except history teachers would be)with is a company that produces traveling exhibits on United States history. It involved much moving of furniture and rearranging to fit the display, and given that all of our strapping teenage boys are too lazy to help (one kid actually claimed he had been bitten by a rabid raccoon to et out of helping me move a bookcase) I did most of the work myself. Thus a dress down day in the library. Luckily I had this blouse which tied in nicely with my Tully family theme day. I'm pretty sure its of Indian manufacture, but the cut and pattern have a certain old world quality that think really works for the whole Game of Thrones thing. The birds in the pattern even look a bit like dragons. The necklace also helped me tie in the whole fish thing from the Tully sigil, and to be honest that was one of the first things I thought when I found the necklace at the yard sale. I had seen a vintage necklace in an exhibit that I thought was perfect (see below), and this necklace was the closest thing I found. The Tullys are sort of a second rate family in the books, and other than vague mentions they haven't really come into major focus except through their daughters who married into other great houses (Stark and Arryn). The colors and the sigil however I could handle. Also I had no concrete plan when I did this sort of half-assed braid this morning, but my boss was really impressed by it (why I'm not sure) and asked if I had to get up really early to complete it, I didn't have the heart to tell her it only takes me 15 minutes to get ready and that I braided my hair while I was peeing. But we can be honest right? There are no secrets in the world of fashion reality.

 Blouse: Anokhi thrifted via Goodwill
Necklace: vintage, via yard sale
Jeans: Mossimo via Target
Shoes: Not Rated via Francesca's Collection
Purse:  Bueno, gift

Below is a photograph of the original "Tully" necklace, Fratti for Cadette, gilt stamped brass, 1969

25 March 2013

The Muse: Winter is Coming

Without letting too much nerd seep out and soil my blog, I included the brief summary of who my muse is for the day. These histories of the great houses of the Seven Kingdoms are a big part of both the books and television series. Your house (or family) speaks volumes about who you are. You wear the house colors, you carry the sigil into battle. Often too they reflect where in the world you live and how you live or something significant about your family history. This is the history of the Stark family and a listing of the immediate family members, it is from my own personal copy of A Game of Thrones, and while I think sharing it is kosher, I may be greatly infringing on some obscure copyright law, if so, mea culpa.

 Fitting for me to start my little tribute to the great houses of Westeros with the Starks, though everyone is a protagonist in George R.R.Martin's books, with the narrators jumping around, the Stark family certainly lies at the heart of the books and they are the family most focused on and the underdogs the reader likes to cheer for. Fashion-wise they aren't exactly glamorous, pragmatic is the word that comes to mind. Simple warm clothing to keep out northern cold with a few simple baubles to remind everyone that they are in fact noblemen. Also fur, lots and lots of fur. Its not everyday I get to drag out my fur pocketbook, but this is one occasion that absolutely calls for it. I've included a photo below to show you how HBO has visualized the practical, yet surprisingly good-looking Starks on Game of Thrones.As for winter coming, well its already here, even though every one is ready for it to leave already. About 15 minutes after these photos were taken it started to sleet/snow, which is why the sky is ominous and gray.
Dress: Banana Republic
Brooch: vintage, via Pastimes Consignments
Belt: thrifted via Goodwill (I had taken it off in the car because it kept getting stuck on the seat belt, then forgot to put it back on, so there's only one photo of it)
Bracelets: my mother's
Hair Clip: Damacene from Toledo, Spain
Jacket: vintage rabbit fur, no label, thrifted via The Bargain Box
Shoes: Sole Society

24 March 2013

Game On!

In case you're not  a nerd like me/ have a life, you may not be aware that the third season of Game of Thrones premieres on next Sunday aka Easter (forget Peeps and glazed ham, GoT fans are arming themselves for the invasion of the white walkers). Now if you don't currently have HBO this leaves you at a disadvantage, if you do have HBO and are not currently caught up with the previous two seasons not might be a good time to start watching on demand. I jest of course, this kind of high fantasy epic is certainly not for everyone. Like my boss who had to quit watching Harry Potter after the third movie because they were too scary, no way she could handle Game of Thrones. Also if fantasy in general turns you off this isn't light stuff, you have to dive in with both feet. There are a ton of characters and so many plot lines that it will give you a headache if you let it. I watched the first season before diving into the books which inspired the series ( George R.R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice) and must have had to watch the pilot episode five time before I stopped scratching my head and saying, "What the hell is going on here?" That being said, it sucks you in. I think mostly its the writing, George R.R. Martin has a certain irreverence to him that I like. He has no sentimentality, kills with wild abandon, and pulls no punches. He writes his books like they would really happen in such a world, no cotton candy or butterflies required. Its refreshing in a book and the creators of the show have certainly tried to be as faithful as a series can possibly be given time and monetary restraints. That being said I'm no super fan, no memorabilia adorns my walls (banners, swords, etc.) unlike my good friend Matt I do not have a Game of Thrones tattoo (though to be fair he has a Harry Potter one too, he is an indiscriminate nerd). This week however I'm getting my geek on and dressing for Game of Thrones, or more specifically the great houses of Westeros. Really, I'm sure no one will notice I'm mirroring a fantasy kingdom and their social mores, it will be our little secret.

23 March 2013

MSLA Conference Day 2

 After feeling conspicuously well dressed during the first day of my school library association conference I tried to go for a more librarian-esque look, however I fee like I might be dressing more for a librarian stereotype. Oh well, to be honest I'm not sure I really own anything in my wardrobe that would look anything like what real librarians seem to where today. As you can see my ensemble went great with the neon orange stickers we had to wear that announced what books we were currently reading. I think I might just be a rebel at heart and really don't like to follow orders or do what everyone else is doing because I got yelled at for not wearing my conference badge too. I compromised by clipping it to my purse string. Anarchy!
Dress: vintage, Samantha Stevens Petites, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Blazer: vintage, Jospehine Chaus, thrifted via The Bargain Box
Belt: vintage, my grandmother's
Purse: vintage, no label, via RI Antiques Mall
Shoes: Carlos by Carlos Santana, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store

The best part of the whole conference experience however was that I drove through Worcester on my way home where my good friend Jen (who I've talked about many times on the blog) is hard at work on her PA degree at the Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Taking advantage of Restaurant week we had a fantastic three course meal at VIA for only $23.13, and both took home enough food for two more meals. We're both busy girls, but it was a wonderful way to get away and spend a night just talking and relaxing for a change.

17 March 2013

MSLA Conference Day 1

 These photos have been languishing for a while, mainly because they're not all that good. As the pictures progress they devolve into overly bright, blurry images, criss-crossed with streaks of snow. When I left my house it was close to 40 degrees and sunny out, by the time I got to my conference in Sturbridge, MA it was 22 out and little icy pellets of snow were stinging my face. Needless to say it was a delightful environment for outfit photos. But at least it was better than inside the hotel, which while not owned by the Bates family, was well on its way there. Lunch was in an open pavilion that looked like it escaped from The Wedding Singer and 1985. On the other side of the pavilion was the swimming pool. The scent of chlorine and the sound of cannonballing children always makes for a delightful repast.

 Regardless, conferences are a necessary evil, and my boss is particularly zealous in her pursuit of professional development. Hence the two days we spent in Sturbridge. I will say this, the Massachusetts School Librarians Association knows their stuff when it comes to books, research, and stretching the almighty buck. On fashion and cosmetics however, they need some help. I understand wanting to look professional, but there is a wide gap between professional and frumpy, any many of my compatriots were on the wrong side of the tracks. Entertain yourself for a few minutes by checking out the conference photos, though please ignore the awful one of my at the microphone, candids are not my friend.

 Dress: Nicole Miller via J.C. Penny
Boots: Reaction by Kenneth Cole thrifted via Savers
Necklace: Marshall's (very old, remember when they used to have a jewelry counter?)
Purse: vintage (meh, early 90's?) Nine West thrifted via Second Time Around
Coat: vintage, Lawrence of London via Circa

10 March 2013

The Muse: Decadence

Lots and lots of embroidery just seems to conjure up decadence to me. Not buy a whole box of chocolates and eat it yourself decadence. But beggar a country and get yourself sent to the guillotine decadence. All of the great hedonists had embroidery before things went south, French aristocrats a la Dangerous Liaisons before the Revolution. Imperial Russia with Tchaikovsky and Faberge. I suppose if embroidery is a sign of impending doom brought on by starving peasants my suede coat with embroidery will bring me nothing but trouble. But boy is decadence worth it while it lasts!

  Coat: Avanti New York thrifted via Krazy Daisy
Shirt: Liz Lange Maternity via Target
Skirt: vintage, no label, thrifted via Savers

Necklace: vintage, via Wickford VillageAntiques and Collectables
Shoes: Touchups, vintage, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Purse: no label, via J. Marcel 
Sunglasses: Dollar Tree, self embellished