17 March 2013

MSLA Conference Day 1

 These photos have been languishing for a while, mainly because they're not all that good. As the pictures progress they devolve into overly bright, blurry images, criss-crossed with streaks of snow. When I left my house it was close to 40 degrees and sunny out, by the time I got to my conference in Sturbridge, MA it was 22 out and little icy pellets of snow were stinging my face. Needless to say it was a delightful environment for outfit photos. But at least it was better than inside the hotel, which while not owned by the Bates family, was well on its way there. Lunch was in an open pavilion that looked like it escaped from The Wedding Singer and 1985. On the other side of the pavilion was the swimming pool. The scent of chlorine and the sound of cannonballing children always makes for a delightful repast.

 Regardless, conferences are a necessary evil, and my boss is particularly zealous in her pursuit of professional development. Hence the two days we spent in Sturbridge. I will say this, the Massachusetts School Librarians Association knows their stuff when it comes to books, research, and stretching the almighty buck. On fashion and cosmetics however, they need some help. I understand wanting to look professional, but there is a wide gap between professional and frumpy, any many of my compatriots were on the wrong side of the tracks. Entertain yourself for a few minutes by checking out the conference photos, though please ignore the awful one of my at the microphone, candids are not my friend.

 Dress: Nicole Miller via J.C. Penny
Boots: Reaction by Kenneth Cole thrifted via Savers
Necklace: Marshall's (very old, remember when they used to have a jewelry counter?)
Purse: vintage (meh, early 90's?) Nine West thrifted via Second Time Around
Coat: vintage, Lawrence of London via Circa

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