24 March 2013

Game On!

In case you're not  a nerd like me/ have a life, you may not be aware that the third season of Game of Thrones premieres on next Sunday aka Easter (forget Peeps and glazed ham, GoT fans are arming themselves for the invasion of the white walkers). Now if you don't currently have HBO this leaves you at a disadvantage, if you do have HBO and are not currently caught up with the previous two seasons not might be a good time to start watching on demand. I jest of course, this kind of high fantasy epic is certainly not for everyone. Like my boss who had to quit watching Harry Potter after the third movie because they were too scary, no way she could handle Game of Thrones. Also if fantasy in general turns you off this isn't light stuff, you have to dive in with both feet. There are a ton of characters and so many plot lines that it will give you a headache if you let it. I watched the first season before diving into the books which inspired the series ( George R.R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice) and must have had to watch the pilot episode five time before I stopped scratching my head and saying, "What the hell is going on here?" That being said, it sucks you in. I think mostly its the writing, George R.R. Martin has a certain irreverence to him that I like. He has no sentimentality, kills with wild abandon, and pulls no punches. He writes his books like they would really happen in such a world, no cotton candy or butterflies required. Its refreshing in a book and the creators of the show have certainly tried to be as faithful as a series can possibly be given time and monetary restraints. That being said I'm no super fan, no memorabilia adorns my walls (banners, swords, etc.) unlike my good friend Matt I do not have a Game of Thrones tattoo (though to be fair he has a Harry Potter one too, he is an indiscriminate nerd). This week however I'm getting my geek on and dressing for Game of Thrones, or more specifically the great houses of Westeros. Really, I'm sure no one will notice I'm mirroring a fantasy kingdom and their social mores, it will be our little secret.

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