10 March 2013

The Muse: Decadence

Lots and lots of embroidery just seems to conjure up decadence to me. Not buy a whole box of chocolates and eat it yourself decadence. But beggar a country and get yourself sent to the guillotine decadence. All of the great hedonists had embroidery before things went south, French aristocrats a la Dangerous Liaisons before the Revolution. Imperial Russia with Tchaikovsky and Faberge. I suppose if embroidery is a sign of impending doom brought on by starving peasants my suede coat with embroidery will bring me nothing but trouble. But boy is decadence worth it while it lasts!

  Coat: Avanti New York thrifted via Krazy Daisy
Shirt: Liz Lange Maternity via Target
Skirt: vintage, no label, thrifted via Savers

Necklace: vintage, via Wickford VillageAntiques and Collectables
Shoes: Touchups, vintage, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Purse: no label, via J. Marcel 
Sunglasses: Dollar Tree, self embellished

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