18 October 2012

The Muse: Norman Rockwell

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 Fingers crossed this will actually post, this is my fourth attempt in a week to post this outfit and photos from my trip to Stockbridge and the Norman Rockwell Museum. Not sure what the issue is but these photos have been struggling to get out since Columbus Day. Stockbridge was a perfect day trip on a New England weekend and I was astounded at how far some of the cars had travelled from. My main objective was to visit the museum, as we've put up a big display on the FOur Freedoms before the election and to celebrate the opening of the new FDR Memorial Park on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan on the 24th.

I never used to care for Rockwell, he was to sappy and predictable for me. The older I get however, the more I appreciate him, like an artistic version of a Bruce Springsteen song, 'Glory Days', or 'Thunder Road' in a frame. Getting sentimental I guess. I even tried to dress like I had stepped out of a Rockewell painting, iconic mid-century red schoolgirl plaid and my Sunday hat. Either way its a lovely little museum, not at all pretentious and set in a lovely rural setting.

 Dress: vintage, Carolina Maid, thrifted via Savers
Sweater: Itsu, thrifted via Goodwill
Boots: brand unknown, J. Marcel
Bag: Sefridge's (UK)
Hat: ???? (really old)

Never let it be said I don't take my photos in exotic locations

Rockwell created 321 covers for the Saturday Evening Post between 1916 and 1963, every single one is displayed in the basement of the museum where you view a video about Rockwell's life. What I found most fascinating was that they were donated by subscribers from all over the country to make a complete collection.

Freedom from Want, the third of the Four Freedoms, often mislabeled as Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving

Norman Rockwell's studio which was moved in 1986 from the center of town. The school children were given the day off to watch. The studio and museum now sit on the grounds of one of the great Berkshire estates and the house there is now the museum's administrative offices.

The Stockbridge First Congregational Church on the village green.

The memorial Chime Tower on the green next to the church, which marks the spot the Great Awakening, the religious movement of the 19th century, began

Stockbridge's idyllic main street which other than the cars has changed very little since Rockewell painted it at Christmastime in 1967.

The perfect sweet ending to a lovely day, salted caramel gelatto on top of apple cider sorbetto, its not as good as a caramel apple, its better.

The first black squirrel I had ever seen, apparently a small colony was released in nearby Westfield and have spread throughout western Massachusetts. Still they make you look twice they look so odd and dark darting through the leaves.

08 October 2012

The Muse: Way off the Map

So obviously I took a little hiatus, it wasn't really intentional a lot of things just seemed to happen in a very short span of time that kept me away from my camera and keyboard. Some were nice, others not so much, here's the quick recap:

1.) Got a Job! Finally. It all happened very quickly, within a week actually, I had my first interview with my direct boss/head of department on a Tuesday, a second interview with the principal on Thursday, and he called to hire me on Friday. I started work the next Monday (September 24th). I'm an assistant librarian in a high school library, which isn't exactly what I planned on doing but until my teaching certification cleared it was a foot in the door, and as I love to read and am already comfortable with high school students its a great fit and I'm having a blast.

2.) My teaching certification came through on October 4th, about 2 weeks too late since I had already taken a job, but at least its there and no more waiting until I'm old and gray!

3.) I think I mentioned I had a terrible head cold (just in time to start my new job of course) this was unfortunate, but sadly totally my fault. After a night of a bit too much merrymaking I cast up my accounts and had to rinse off my clothes, sleeping in wet clothing turns out can be detrimental to you health.

4.) I got rear ended on my way to a doctor's appointment, damaging my rear bumper and making me miss my yearly optometrists appointment, but other than that both the driver at fault and myself were unharmed. He was teenager and I felt bad, I know how scared I would have been at sixteen if I ran into someone.

5.) My 6 month blogoversary passed (is that how you spell it, does it matter when its a made up word?) Six months and 100 posts in I feel like I've finally hit my stride, the last week and a half not withstanding.

6.) I've had the opportunity to tap into my creative side both at work and at home, I didn't realize how much I missed having a creative project until I went so long without one.

7.) I fell down a flight of eight stairs, right after I finished signing all my paperwork with human resources the top of my shoe got lodged underneath the rubber stripping on the stairs and having my arms full meant momentum took me down. Luckily I was holding the railing and it was a controlled, if not graceful tumble. Otherwise I probably would have broken a leg or dislocated a shoulder, as it was I went away with a skinned knee, bad bruises, a battered ego, and a sadly destroyed shoe (my nude and neon Enzo Angiolini pumps, I was really pissed it was only the second time I wore them , then again the shoe nobly sacrificed itself so I wouldn't have to go with out pumps for months while I was in a cast).

So good, bad, and ugly, but wither way...on to what's really important, the fashion, which makes all the rest bearable and at best, rather fabulous. This outfit was sort of a mash up of cultures and colors, but coming back to the primary color palate that I just can't seem to get away from these last few months. There was a bit of a Turkish feel to the dress print, then a Native American/Mexican serape thing with the sweater, but it was also in traditional nautical colors. What the hell, I like it, no need to try and explain the nature of it.

 Dress: Leifnotes via Anthropologie
Sweater: Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's
Brooch: my grandmother's, though not vintage
Shoes: Nine West thrifted via Goodwill
Purse: vintage, my mother's, salvaged from the basement

It turned out this outfit was just what I needed, though it was beautiful here at about 5:15, by 6 o'clock the sky was black and we had torrential downpours on and off for the rest of the night. I was hating on all the women with husband's and boyfriends who braved the rain so they could pull the car up while their women waited nice and dry inside. Sometime being a modern independent woman is a wet miserable business. The being able to spend whatever I want on clothes and shoes with no one to justify it to though, that more than makes up for a run in the rain. And that reminds me:

8.) While volunteering at a charity golf tournament in the rain last Sunday my umbrella, which I've had for eight years since high school was stolen, thus I got wet.