10 March 2013

The Muse: Long and Short

  Blouse: Deletta via Anthropolgie
Belt: no brand name, thrifted via Goodwill
Skirt: Cambridge Country Store Dry Goods Co. thrifted via The Bargain Box
Shoes: Merona via Target
Purse: Selfridge's (UK)
Coat: Kardashian Collection, gift from my grandmother
Headband: Forever 21
Bracelt and white ring: vintage, from my grandmother's junk jewlery box
Gold ring: vintage 1949 North Attleborough High School class ring, my grandfather's

 After two days of snow Saturday was freakishly warm, up near fifty degrees and almost blindingly bright. How to deal with this discrepancy in early March? Wear short sleeves (I had a coat on but was perfectly comfortable without it) with a long skirt. Not only do you have all your bases covered, but it makes the skirt seem not quite so long. THese pictures were taken in the idyllic little village of Slatersville, where I have taken photos twice before, at the library overlooking the reservoir and in front of the Congregational church on the village green. My step-brother Tom and his wife used to live in a condo in Slatersville when they were first married and I confess I still like it a lot, even if it is a little out of the way.
  The North Smithfield Public Library (Slatersville is a village in North Smithfield)is a great little place and one of my favorite consignment shops,Christine Keene's Krazy Daisy is located there. The village was Samuel Slaters dream, and he, if you don't remember your history of the industrial revolution was the man who brought mill technology to America by memorizing the blueprints. Funded by Moses Brown, of the Brown University family, he opened Slater Mill in Pawtucket, the first mill in America. The Lowell System and all of America's manufacturing stemmed from there Later in his life he moved farther up the Blackstone River and built an entire mill town with housing and every accommodation needed to run a factory system. THese pictures were taken at what is left of his great factory complex. I thought it was still manufacturing of some sort, but this, like most of the old factories around here has been turned into luxury apartments. I was suspicious when I saw they had a swimming pool. Even more so when a woman walking her Chihuahua nearly tripped over me while I was taking pictures.Regardless its a beautiful place, and made for some interesting photos.

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