13 April 2013

The Muse: Close Call

I sort of pride myself on the utter uniqueness of my outfits, in all my clothing in fact. Its a rare day that I wear even a single item that I've seen on someone else. In many cases its because I've either thrifted a piece of because its vintage, in others its just that I tend to have a bit different taste than most. Today this came to mine because one of my students, Dave said to me as I walked by, "Phew Miss Clappin, that was a close call."
"What was a close call Dave?" I asked. "Well you see I almost wore that exact same outfit this morning, but really that's more of a Thursday look for me." Given that Dave is 6' 4" and weights about 260, this seems unlikely. Though he was really just being a smart ass and poking fun at my clothes (I admit I can be a little much for some people who prefer the safer, more mundane looks) it caught me so off guard that I couldn't help but laugh. In reality it didn't even occur to me that my outfit was anything unusual, in fact I thought the colors all coordinated rather nicely, though in retrospect perhaps four different patterns even in the same color family is a lot. Close call indeed.

Wrap: brand??? via Target
Dress: Leifnotes via Anthropologie
Stockings: no brand, via Building 19
Shoes: Bandolino via DSW
Purse: Monsoon (UK)

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