29 April 2013

The Muse: April Showers

Are there fashion occasions you dread? Like baby showers? Me too. I was chastised by my mother for not wearing something more seasonal, but when I left the house it was still to chilly for a light summer sweater. Even in the afternoon when it climbed to the mid-60's it was still too windy to take my sweater off.  Besides I love the shoes and purse that go with this outfit, even if unseasonal. Despite my deep loathing for showers (I once won Gladys Knight and the Pips tickets of the radio for calling in the to answer this question: 75% of women claim that they hate this." Answer: showers obviously.  Stupid games, bad food, uncomfortable small talk with strangers, endless boring hours of watching gifts being opened, excessive inane comments. Its hell. But still we do it for our friends. Its was actually my friend Jolene's second shower (one for both sides of the family) and she felt far worse than any of us. Poor thing has been sick as a dog for her entire pregnancy, so the least I could do was suffer through a three hour shower. She's due on May 30th, so hopefully she and her husband, Nick (who I actually know a lot better than her) will be happily settled with Baby Bianco very soon! As for my outfit I need not have worried, apparently it was a far less formal occasion than I anticipated. Not that it matters, I'm always believe in being well dressed no matter what the occasion.

 Dress: vintage, Lilly Pulitzer, via Wheeler School Clothing Sale
Sweater: INC, thrifted via Wheeler School Clothing Sale
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless
Purse: vintage, Evans Case (my great-uncle owned the company so we have a lot of vintage Evans, mostly household items like ashtrays, lighters, lamps, etc. If you're interested here's an article about the company, mainly concerning makeup compacts, including a photo of great-uncle Al)

I can't decide if this is clever or creepy. I'm leaning towards creepy.

Jolene holding up part of my gift (this one says 'baby' there was another frame that read 'Bianco' her last name) they don't know the sex and haven't agreed upon the name. The baby's room is gray and yellow. I already made the baby's quilt and curtains which featured the theme which is elephants.

Jolene (in the center obviously) with her two grandmothers (on the ends), her mother Sue (on her right) and her mother-in-law Cheryl (to her left)

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