18 April 2013

The Muse: Teacher's Pet

 So in linking up with Tara over at Mix and Match Fashion today I feel like I should make a confession. Even though it says I wore this to work, I really didn't, because, well its school vacation week. Teachers who show up at school during school vacation week usually get looked at pretty strange. But since I wasn't actually teaching, I did the next best thing and went with a school inspired outfit. I also did something I almost never do, wore a whole out fit (except for shoes and purse) from one place. I've been hearing great things about Chic 2 Chic a consignment shop in Foxborough, MA for some time now, and with time on my hands this week I finally checked it out. For a consignment shop its huge, so budget your time is you stop by. It was very busy because they were doing a brisk prom dress trade (if you live in RI or Southeastern Mass. and have a daughter going to prom they're prices are fantastic, and they're all on sale right now). Overall it was a favorable first impression and I would definitely stop by again. My only complaint was that there were all very young girls working there (15-16) clearly off for the week, if there was an adult I didn't see one or maybe they were older than they looked it just made me uncomfortable to be in such a busy store with no one older supervising. Maybe its the teacher in me but I don't like the idea of kids having to deal with any kind of emergency situation on their own.
Blazer: Ralph Lauren thrifted via Chic 2 Chic
Blouse: Buttons, thrifted via Chic 2 Chic
Trousers: Liz (Claiborne) Golf thrifted via Chic 2 Chic
Necklace: vintage locket
Shoes: Bandolino via DSW
Headband: Chic 2 Chic
Purse: vintage, no label, thrifted via Abby's House

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