29 April 2012

Shoe Story: Pretty in Pink

I once took an interior design class to round off my last semester of college. One of our assignments was to design a polychromatic room design and then a monochromatic room design. I chose a pink bathroom for my monochromatic design and when I told my friend Patti, who owns her own interior design business that I was struggling with my monochromatic design she automatically guessed that I was working with pink. Why? Pink is difficult, almost all shades of it are super saturated, even if you mix it with neutrals it jumps right out at you. Its not that I don't like pink, in fact I don't even find it overly girly most of the time if worn correctly its just that I feel like the color is too much most of the time, if that makes any sense. That aside, it is a great accessory color in all of its varied and wild manifestations.
47.) These shoes are slap to the senses, and I will admit, rather girly. I feel like they are a present or a box of chocolates just waiting to be opened up. Another pair of Audrey Brooke shoes from DSW they are a lot of fun, though they are a little on the roomy side width wise. I do like that the wrapped material hides the platform, which honestly I find rather unsightly in most cheap shoes. The fabric is not actually satin but it does have an nice sheen to it which makes these shoes work for casual or formal wear. In fact I like them the best paired with jeans, an unusual preference for me.

48.) A recent purchase from Goodwill these Steven Madden pumps are in mint condition, they have silver colored metal heels. The geometric pattern is bold and doesn't exactly mirror each other between the shoes which I think makes them more visually interesting. They other shades of olive green and chocolate brown also accent the pink and make it more palatable across the board.

49.) These shoes are sort of odd ducks, they don't fit with any one color. In fact every time I look at them a different color seems more prominent in the floral pattern, though the reds and pinks tent to pop out at me the most. Last year the teacher whose classes I covered from March until the end of the year gave me a fifty dollar gift card to DSW as a thank you gift. I bought these shoes and a black leather shoulder bag, for $23 dollars each, the four remaining dollars on the card has sat in my wallet ever since. I was very happy with these Bandolino sandals, both the shape and the fabric. Three season a year they are great heels.

50.) These Nine West mules are also very old, but are a great fabric which makes me very reluctant to ever let them go. Mules are neither the easiest nor the most comfortable shoes to wear, in fact most of the time I feel they're too awkward for everyday wear. However on as a dancing shoe they deliver even with only a kitten heel. Can't say I even remember where I got them.

51.) I actually bought these Seychelles for my mother, she had admired the blue and brown pair that I have which are very similar. She also has a bad ankle, from a car accident thirty years ago which unfortunately left her with a limp. That compounded with forty years as a nurse on her feet everyday makes finding shoes that fit and support her difficult. For whatever reason these didn't work, though they seemed wide enough and have only a small wedge on them. So I inherited them by default. They aren't really stylish enough for me, and feel a little old to me but they get an occasional wear.

52.) I can't take credit for these No Boundaries pumps, they were actually a birthday present from my cousin Madeline a few years ago. They are beautiful and well made and I can't complain about any aspect of the design. The round toes do pinch a bit, but I find that in general. Its funny, people always ask me if pointed toes pinch toes, then I explain that your toes aren't anywhere near the point. Ironically round toes do, there's much less wiggle room. But overall the fabulous floral fabric, purple and green leather with cutouts, bows and whimsy make them a real favorite.

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  1. Can i get a fact check on the no boundaries pumps? That is the walmart house brand and I've never seen them do anything even remotely that high quality. Those are fabulous!