25 April 2012

Shoe Story: Pitter Pattern

 I have lots of shoes with patterns, but these four pair fall into the sort of neutral category, they have a white of beige base and lots of colors added in from there.
32.) When my step-brother got married on Martha's Vineyard his fiancee gave dire warnings that heels should not, could not, be worn for fear it would ruin the lawn of the house they rented for the occasion. The dress I wore was too long to wear flats or sandals, and the wedding was only on June 2nd so it got cool in the evening. These were my compromise, with about a half inch heel. They're a beautiful patterned raw silk by Hype, from DSW. The strap is very thin and the fabric frays making it hard to find the holes to thread the buckle through, I've thought about cutting the strap off, but I would slip right out of the shoes, they weren't designed to be worn that way. The outfit I wore them with is pictured below, and you can see the house, and lawn in question in the background. It belonged to Chevy Chase's second ex-wife Jacqueline Carlin, after her alimony payments of course, however she lost it due to bankrupcy in 2010 three years after this picture was taken.

Dress: Odille via Anthropologie
Hat: Betmar via T.J. Maxx
Ring: Forever 21
Earrings: vintage (Capri brand) via Wickford Village Antiques and Collectables

33.) When I was in Spain I saw another girl on the trip wearing them and I had to have them, and got them at Zara for maybe 9 euro. Now they're a little worse for the wear but comfortable and like slippers, people always seem to like them due to their very faux Burberry pattern.

34.) Another really old pair from Marshall's Super Shoe Shop at Lincoln Mall, the same era as the two heeled sandals. They're an Asian print Steve Madden pump with a cream background nad lots of different colors, they unfortunately do stain fairly easily and are a bit battered looking as a result.

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