22 April 2012

Shoe Story : Little Black Book Part II

8.) I already had the BCBGirls patent leather pumps when I found these velvet ones at DSW. THey're Nine West, but look even higher end when on, with a sexy curving shape that hugs your foot and lots of toe cleavage, how could I say no?

9.) These are extremely old as well, also Nine West but from Marshall's. They are a little beat up, I had to trim a lot of fraying off the bows last year and clean them throughly, but they still work perfectly with a summer dress.

10.) These were a pair of hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law's sister (if that makes sense). L'Oreal (yes that's really her name) was pregnant with Isabel her first child and had some clothes that no longer fit her, I took a shirt, two skirts, a pair of boots, and these. The brand name Priori is not one I'm familiar with, however she does shop fairly high end so I wouldn't be surprised if they originated at Nordstrom, many years ago.

11.) These Stylelux shoes were never worn when they were consigned with Maureen at Twice the Diva in North Attleboro. I picked them up last summer during her semiannual sale in August...for $2.75. Only downside was I wore them to a birthday party a few weeks later and by the end of that day was in agony. Turns out that a loose screw was under the lining pointing up, luckily my tetanus shot was up to date. I also got a good laugh at Christmas time when a woman behind me in line at a store offered to buy them off me, I didn't have the heart to tell her what I paid for them.

12.) I pulled these out of the $5 bin at Second Time Around at Providence Place Mall, they are a little dowdy but I have soft spot for the herringbone fabric, scalloped leather, and the big button. Not sexy but cute enough.

13.) I had been recommended to Christine Keene and her shop Krazy Daisy Upscale Consignment in Slatersville by my grandmother who in turn heard about it from her boss who shopped their for professional attire. Ironically my step-brother lived not five minutes from there for several years, and I stopped at shops in the plaza all the time when he did. Needless to say when I saw these right inside the door on a table I was instantly sold.  Never a huge wedge person, I was powerless to resist these wedge or no wedge they walked straight out of The King and I.

14.) I have mixed feelings about J.C. Penny's new pricing system, however it does offer great deals on one-of-a-kind item that are almost out of stock and they're trying to get rid of. These shoes being the last of their kind were one such deal. After all bows make everything better.

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