29 April 2012

Shoe Story: Neutral Zone

The trend for nude shoes irritates me quite a bit. I'll be watching something on television, the Today Show, of The View and look at the women and usually at least two have a nude shoe that blends right in with their skin, and I just don't get it. I find nude shoes very boring, I find neutrals in general very boring. I think the trend is so huge because people are afraid of color. Even with a dress that has say red and black, people wear nude shoes. Red shoes to them are far too daring, nude even seem a safer choice than black sometimes. That being said I do have some shoes in the neutral spectrum, but none match my skin color (for that go back to the white sating shoes, they're closer) and all of them have an interesting aspect that saves them from being too vanilla.
43.) These were in perfect condition considering where I pulled them out of. Another trip to Building 19 with my mother and there was a 'five dollars and less' shoe clearance table. These were on the dusty bottom shelf surrounded by the carcasses of destroyed shoes the tan patent leather without a single scuff. They are Enzo Angiolini, probably a few years out of season but really well made and have a charming grown-up dock shoe feel. I only with the sweet striped fabric was visible hen you wear them. Final price, three dollars.

44.) These are Fioni from Payless and more of a blush color than actual nude, I wear them as a pink tone with outfits as a result. This picture doesn't show the heel, but its a stacked faux wood. They are very comfortable and have a great patent leather finish that wipes clean if scuffed. The Mary Jane strap also makes them invaluable for a stylish so that is easy enough to wear when running around and keeps your feet cool in the summer.

45.) These shoes are Miss Selfrige the young adult brand from Selfrige's department store in the UK. They originally had a black patent leather T-strap running from under the flower and across at the start of the heel. The buckle that closed them was always twisting around so that the strap wouldn't catch and the strap would suddenly slip open. When I bought them for a very reasonable six pounds last summer I was staying with my friend Kenny who had a knack of fixing this issue. I continued to play with them each time I wore them when I came back stateside, however one morning when running late in frustration I got a pair of scissors and sliced the whole damn thing off. now I wear them more and don't feel that they have lost any of their appeal because they still have the patent leather detail around the edges.

46.) These are perhaps the must boring of my neutral shoes, they are several years old and Issac Mizrahi for Target brand. As you can probably see they are also dirty feet victims, a hazard with any summer shoe. They are still a go to for summer dresses but are a bit too tea party in design for me too really love them, again they are one of my mother's picks, she has a good fashion sense its just very different from my own.

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