24 April 2012

Shoe Story: Green With Envy

Green is my favorite color, oddly enough I don't actually have a lot of green clothes or accessories. I'm not sure why, maybe its because I spent all of high school wearing a hunter green and white uniform! I also think that green is a tough color both to find and sometimes to style. face it, its not easy being green.
23.) I bought these Danielle brand shoes the same day as the Nine West black patent leather bow shoes with a similar style at the Marshall's Shoe Superstore at Lincoln Mall. The black shoes actually had a green version, but these were much cheaper, and my mother said that I should buy the black ones at full price 'because I would get more wear out of them anyway'. Eight years later I still have both pairs, so its a tossup who was right. These have a quirky little design on the front, with a buckle that doesn't actually buckle, and a bow that appears to be cut in half, maybe that's why they were discounted, at the least it keeps the two pairs from looking too much alike.

24.) This Fioni pair was the first pair of 'fancy' shoes I ever bought at Payless. I wore a cream and spring green dress from Victoria Secret (what they have real clothes too!) for my high school graduation. My mother had bought me these little slip on sandals with these clear plastic flowers on them, which were frankly hideous and really uncomfortable especially in the summer when you're sweating. I went to Payless with my friend and carpooler Alyssa because she needed shoes for graduation as well. I saw these which are about a four inch heel  with ankle ties and a basket weave in multi-color (predominantly kelly green of course) like an old school folding chair you would take to a parade or the beach. I didn't carry money back then so I dragged my mother back, and bought them for the astronomical price (at the time) of $16. We compromised I wore her shoes to the awards night and mine to graduation, her needless to say were consigned to the Johnston Landfill before i even started college, these are still around.

25.) Forever 21 was one of my favorite store in high school, now I find that the quality is crap for the price of things in there. I will occasionally pop in for accessories however because they're selection is huge and varied. A few years ago the gladiator sandal was very trendy but the price tag was not. On a whim I picked these up for around $20 at Forever 21 and figured I'd feel less guilty if I hated them. They are plastic and the sole is not at all cushioned or proportioned to a human foot. When I have the time to wrestle myself into them I wear them because they are cute and a great, vibrant, green faux snakeskin, but had a spent about $10 more I could have had a zipper up the back and made my life easier.

26.) These Ann Klien shoes were the first pair I ever bought at DSW, the one on Rte. 2 in Warwick so it was a while ago, before we got one closer to us in North Attleboro. If I had to guess they're from spring 2006, because I didn't have a license yet and my mother had taken me home from college for the weekend. I feel like mules were in at the time and I have several pairs from that era, but you never see them anymore, for a good reason, they are hard to wear. These did get me a job offer from a female principal once however, for which I will be eternally grateful.

27.) These Seychelles shoes were one of the first things I really saved for, I ordered them from the Urban Outfitters website for $88 in 2005 when I was a freshman in college. I loved the color and the shape and they are of very good quality leather and super comfortable. Of course my mother had to ruin it by telling me she had a pair exactly like them in cordovan leather in the 80's. Way to be a buzz kill Ma,

28.) These probably should have gone with the blue shoes but there were less of the green shoes to share space. These are really old...2003, 2004? as you can probably tell from the scuffed soles. They came from Old Navy and are of decent construction and are unusual which is why I kept them around. Not the most comfortable for lots of walking but practical because they go with lots of things.

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