25 April 2012

Shoe Story: Purple Haze

Short post on this color today. Purple is a color that has grown on me over time, and like turquoise I find lots of ways to combine and recombine it, especially a bright, royal, purple. Lilac and lavender I rarely if ever wear, like most pastels it makes me look pasty pale and I find it a little insipid. Royal purple on the other hand is the color of royalty and rock stars.
29.) These are a recently acquired pair of BCBGeneration suede booties from J. Marcel on Hope Street in Providence, so new I haven't even had a chance to wear them. It's a designer shoe shoe with discounted prices, small but lovely and organized very well. I picked them up during their annual sale where everything in the store was on sale, the shoes retailed for $185 and their in store price was $135, I got them at the closeout discounted price of $25. they have a slight platform outlined in black leather but the balance is very good, something I sometimes struggle with when it comes to platforms. The silver studs also give them a badass edge on what could otherwise be too sweet and pretty purple.

30.) These Chinese Laundry pumps have been very well loved, as you can tell by the worn out tips which I colored in with a marker that didn't quite match, but I didn't have the heart to toss them just yet. They are purple, but more of a wine colored python. The four buckles actually open and have open spaces in between, but I've never opened them, no reason to really. They came from Burlington Coat Factory back when the sold better quality shoes, my mother was guilted into buying them for me by a girl in a wheelchair who told us how pretty they were, actually I feel a little guilty just saying that.

31.) These were the other half of the buy one get one half off deal at the Nine West Outlet store in Wrentham, alongside the blue snakeskin pumps. Obviously these are a similar patter in a different color, but these actually are textured while the blue ones are smooth leather with the pattern printed on. I have the Mary Jane buckles buckled straight across however I rarely do this when I actually wear them, I over lap them and crisscross the buckles so the shoes fit more snugly and it adds some visual interest, I do the same with the green and blue plaid Mary Janes with the lace overlay.

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