27 April 2012

Shoe Story: Heavy Metal

Strictly speaking neither of my grey shoes are metallics(though you should see my silver boots), however they fit as well here as anywhere. Metallics is such a wide range that its hard to define, even if you have trouble defining shades of a color even  kindergartner can tell the difference between a red shoe and a blue shoe. Metallics are harder, is it the color? Or the sheen? SO here's how I defined it, not guaranteed nomenclature.
38.) Yet another pair of Nine West that I don't actually remember buying, I think its because my mother brought them home after spotting them, she went through a phase where she did that. She also always asks me why I don't wear them very often, because really I don't. I like them, they're very architectural and ladylike, great color and well built. But they are dressy, something about them screams for a cocktail dress and drinks at the King Cole Bar, dressing them down is very hard, which isn't usually the case for me. It may also be that YSL showed a somewhat similar pair a few years ago in bright primary colors, I remember everyone had them on at the MET Costume Institute's Gala that year, fancy by association.

39.) A Christmas present I picked out myself this year these Rocket Dog pumps came from J. C. Pennys back in December. I like them, but I don't love them. The fabric is a pretty, raw silk in a mushroom/cement colored brownish grey (was that too many adjectives?) The detail is nice but the round toe pinches my toes, over all the arch is funny and just not comfortable, so they don't get as much wear as they might.

40.) Five year's old these Steven Madden bronze/gold metallic flats were another Christmas present I picked out myself at T.J. Maxx...I think, it was at least five years ago. I didn't realize they were salt stained until l i really looked at the picture, but its okay they're well worn and a little beat up but still get the job done.

41.) These Leifsdottir shoes are one of my favorites and despite my sick obsession with Anthropologie, the only pair of shoes that I have ever bought there. I have again a disturbed need to buy in there, I don't think I've ever come out with nothing, and often I buy average things because they're good deals. These shoes were not something I needed or was looking for but were very attractively priced at $24. A ridiculous discount off of the $250 plus retail price. People also often ask if they are vintage and they do very much resemble the shoe styles popular form the 1920's to the 1940's especially with the Art Deco detailing on the front and around the buckles. The heels which are thick and cylindrical are a bit scuffed, but the metallic shine hides it pretty well.

42.) Pretty sure these hail from junior year of high school 2003-2004, and are Splash brand from Charlotte Russe (not that I've really shopped there since but it was one good afternoon). I remember there was a buy one get on free sale and I really wanted this high heeled pair of slip on sandals with a wood heel and embroidery across the strap, my mother kept trying to convince me to buy these instead. So they became the get one free half of the deal. Needless to say, much as I hate to admit it, she was right the other pair was trashed within a year or two and here are the others, still kicking. The beading is certainly metallic with a sort of Turkish harem flair to them, but the background of the shoe itself is actually more of a butter yellow.

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