22 April 2012

The Great Experiment

So starting my own fashion blog has been something I've been contemplating for some time now, just the past year or two.....or three. However there was always an excuse of some kind. I had tried at blogs before, did pretty well documenting my three week cross-country road trip two weeks ago, providing the text while my co-traveler Alyssa took the pictures. Last year I made it a good four months documenting every book I read, however by that point I was far out reading the volume of books I had blog entries for, alas that ended around April. However I had never really followed any blog but daily fashion logs. Some I've followed for four years since I first started to learn about the blog world, others I've started reading and dropped, and yet others that I've picked up on through the blogs I already read. I should say that I really love clothes, not necessarily fashion, and I hate the term fashionista, it always sounds so trite to me. I rarely follow trends, in fact I hate to look like anyone else and avoid it at all costs. I wear what I like, with little regard how others feel about it, and believe me some people are very open about the fact that my choices are often offbeat at best. There are however many people who seem to find me "stylish", I get asked often enough about my clothes and where I get my ideas that I thought it might be fun to document it, and even have a place to direct people who want to know about how and where I shop and the thought process that goes into dressing myself. On top of that I think that the greater fashion blog community is a tremendous source of inspiration, knowledge, and can be a great deal of fun.

So this week while on school vacation (I am of the teaching profession) I undertook a few firsts. My first real digital camera, sort of a necessity for a fashion blog. I had a digital camera my father gave me about ten years ago but it was big and clunky and never took even halfway  decent pictures and sometime ago it got tossed. My new camera in a Canon PowerShot SX150, not a top of the line camera like many bloggers use however it is simple enough to operate and so far it seems to be very satisfactory, though I'm still playing with it. Also it came with the added bonus of a $20 Target gift card as a rebate. Second I attended my first fashion swap hosted by the Swapaholics of Swap.com. I saw that they were prepared with tags where you could pin your name, blog, and Twitter handle to the clothing you brought to swap so whoever got it could follow you. Now I will never have the energy or inclination to start a Twitter account, but it occurred to me I could be doing a lot more with a blog. Third, I took a friend of mine shopping, she was looking for a bridesmaid dress for a wedding she's going to be in over the summer. The bride gave her the color and she could choose her own dress. She told me she had no idea where she could shop for such a thing other than at a bridal salon, and she neither wanted to pay the prices they charge there or deal with the hassle of ordering a dress four months ahead of time. This struck me as a strange request because I could think of a dozen places off the top of me head where you could get a beautiful cocktail dress. But most people a) don't wear formal clothes except on very rare occasions and b) only shop at two or three stores for their everyday clothes and never venture outside their comfort zone. I shop everywhere from the Goodwill store to high end designer outlets, and believe me my teacher's salary is meager at best so if I can do it on a budget anyone can, and hopefully I can show the skeptical how.

So begins the great experiment, as I said I am still learning  so to start off with I am documenting part of my wardrobe, primarily the accessories because until I get better with the camera I'm not sure I'll get every detail in. Also it will give me a good opportunity to show where some of my acquisitions hail from.

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