27 April 2012

Shoe Story: White Album

White shoes... most people would categorically dismiss them as being impractical and move on. They might be okay with bridal gowns or nurses shoes or even certain all-white sneakers, but in general most people just don't go there.
35.) In terms of impractical white shoes, these are it. Ann Marinos, like the turquoise satin high heeled sandals, the fabric does stain easily. I found these at DSW, and they also came in black but those were rather blah, besides the white satin does have  sort of magical quality to it. Surprisingly I get a lot of wear out of these, both summer and winter, they pair great with opaque tights.

36.) Another pair from DSW, by Audrey Brooke. I'm not a great fan of wedges, however these were only ten dollars and I had a spend ten dollars, get ten dollars off so I bought them alongside another ten dollar pair and got two for ten. They have a multicolored basket weave on the top and sides and get a fair amount of summer wear, the only thing I find limiting is that the gold buckle is so prominent that I feel the need to not mix metallics when I wear these.

37.) This was my other recent great buy at J. Marcel's semi-annual sale. These Cynthia Vincent beauties were in their back room sale area, not that it mattered because everything was on sale, I almost missed them because they were separate from the shoes, over by a full length mirror and a sunglasses display. To dark grey boxes were on the floor with a discreet hand written sign that said "Cynthia Vincent sandals! Wow great value, only $20" of something like that. There was a 71/2 and an    8, it turns out I needed the bigger size. They retailed for $325, the J. Marcel price was $200. Either way you look at it I save at least $180, at most $305, either way a wicked deal as we say in Rhode Island. They are also really worth it, the leather is the softest I've ever felt, they are padded and comfortable, and the colors, including the bronze metallic lining are stunning.

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