23 April 2012

Shoe Story : Sing the Blues

Blue is probably one of the colors I wear the least even though people say I should wear it to bring out my blue eyes, however its one color I inevitably gravitate to in terms of accessories, especially shoes. Turquoise in particular has become one of my favorite accent colors when paired up with all sorts of other colors, from purple to red... actually just about any other color, which is why the first pair get so much wear.
15.) These Ann Marino shoes were an end of the season purchase at DSW in the autumn of 2009. Though they are technically summer shoes I am always hard pressed to really put away. I remember one really rainy autumn day I wore flip flops to work then changed because I refused not to wear these with my outfit. They are a bit worse for the wear, can you tell I walk around barefoot in the summer and forget to wash my feet?

16.) These were the other Karen Millen pair purchased the day after Thanksgiving. Technically they are blue and purple, or just color fabulous. I tend to only wear them with trousers because they're a little big on me and I feel silly if I walk out of them, one of the hazards in a high pressure shopping situation, you don't always try shoes on with peds to find these things out.

17.) An extremely recent acquisition, one of the items I got from the Swapaholics Spring Garden Party Swap  at 40Berkeley last Wednesday. I was off to a slow start and grabbed them, a quick sit down and try on proved that they fit, however a closer examination at home made me think I should be walking the stage at the Foxy Lady when wearing them. Not sure if they're keepers, but they are in mint conditions and very trendy right now so they could have real consignment potential.

18.) I had always shopped at Payless when I was in high school because $15 was my maximum budget for shoes, somewhere along the way they got seriously fabulous. The fabrics and construction are much better and they look as good as the designers high end collections (in this case Lela Rose). These remind me of spring garden parties and tandem bicycle ride, like Mary Poppins and Burt when the jump through the chalk drawing.

19.) These shoes have a real 80's look but are actually new, another off season DSW find and one that were really a whim. I actually wear them quite a bit because they have white, blue, pink, purple, and grey in them allowing them to work with lots of different pieces.

20.) I can't tell you how many times kids have asked my if these are made out of real snakes, no they are patterned leather and I can't afford real snakeskin on a teacher's budget. These came from the actual Nine West outlet at Wrentham Village and were purchased in a buy one get one 50% off deal with the purple peeptoe Mary Janes, also faux snakeskin.

21.) These Nine West buckle pumps were another Kraisy Daisy find, ones I had lusted over for three visits before breaking down and buying them. These second time I wore them I feel on my porch, a stupid I-forgot-how-to walk-properly fall and scuffed all the suede off one side an am mildly heartbroken. Not that I'll stop wearing them, other than my screw up they had never been worn. I also had a woman shout "Great shoes!" really loudly while I was in line at a wake, making everyone turn and look at me. Luckily she was right, they are great shoes and everyone needed cheering up anyway.

22.) MIA was a brand I loved because they made my now deceased pirate shoes, black pointy toed flats with the Jolly Roger on them. I still sometimes weep for them thought they actually unravelled from excessive wear. These are if you can't tell navy blue and hunter green plaid covered with black lace. What's not to love? If you didn't love them enough, they were only $10 at Marshall's.

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