01 May 2012

Shoe Story: Fire Fighter

The red, orange, and yellow shoes make a towering inferno together. I always laugh when I see the episode of True Blood where Maxine Fortinberry says she hates women who wear red shoes because it looks cheap. Red to me is one of the great multi-purpose colors, it goes with just about anything and always looks fabulous. Then again the way they style the character on the show she wouldn't know fabulous if it bit her on her sizable bum. I digress because many people shy away from the bright colors, I'm sure they have their reason, I neither know nor understand what they are but there you have it. I was pleasantly surprised last year when the new assistant principal walked in the first day of school in a very conservative gray dress and very fabulous bright red shoes. It was only a touch of color, the outfit was still very professional and conservative but it drew they eye where otherwise you would have looked right past her. Isn't that what good fashion should always do? Enhance, not overwhelm, to draw out more of the natural beauty rather than hide it? I would hope so, then again that rule about overwhelming people might not apply to the way I dress now that I really think about it.
53.) I'm not positive where these Bandolino plaid high heeled loafers came from, but I do know it was a department store either Macy's or Nordstrom, I'm leaning towards the former. One look at my closet reveals I'm a sucker for plaid, you can take the girl out of the Catholic school but not the Catholic school out of the girl. Throw in leather fringe and a bow and I'm sold. These get mixed and matched with other patterns a lot, mostly because I only have the two red pairs and face it red works with a ton of things.

54.) From the era of great shoes at Burlington Coat Factory these are Nina Ricci, I assume a mass market brand. They are definitely one of my very favorite pairs with fantastic detail, just the right height heel, comfort, and the perfect lipstick red color. Recently I had to repair a tear where the leather separated just under one of the stud covered ribbons on the side, you can tell its been repaired if you look closely, but because its on the inside it isn't visible to the naked eye. I'm not ready to let go just yet.

55.) The incomparably named Naughty Monkey brand of shoes produced these little gems purchased at Nordstrom while I was waiting to meet some friends. to say they called to me from across the room would in no way be an understatement. They aren't really red, but the red and yellow embroidery is pretty prominent. The olive green background also is fairly neutral. between the cross-stitch and the brass rose detail they always remind me of am old fashioned sampler colonial women would hang on their walls to show off their needlework. Looks innocent on a wall, but put a four inch heel on it and you've got yourself a Naughty Monkey.

56.) Another Burlington find from the old days I know I wore these on my eighteenth birthday, which makes them at least seven years old, maybe eight. The heels are very high and not a great balance so they can wobble a bit, as cheap shoes can. I honestly don't wear them much and even debated tossing them recently because the orange is faded even though they're still in good condition, the black band is plastic and the bow satin which doesn't match and overall just makes them look shabby, that and I really love my other orange shoes.

57.) These NineWest pumps came from the NineWest store in Quincy Market in Boston about four years ago. I like my other orange shoes, but they had a slightly Halloween edge that make them difficult to wear all the time. These have a lower heel, brighter more palatable color, nice pattern, and most importantly are more universal. I wear them all the time and they're due for a reheeling, probably the third of fourth they've had but hopefully they still have a few years of wear left in the,.

58.) These shoes... I hunted them, literally. After seeing these Lela Rose for Payless pumps on What I Wore Today gracing the feet of the lovely Kasmira I knew I had to have them. I loved everything about them, the color, the textured material, the cutout, the bow, especially the little wooden heels. I also didn't have a yellow pair of shoes besides the flats pictured below, so it was a gap in my shoedrobe that justifiably needed to be filled. Unfortunately they were already sold out online, and none of my local stores (ie within 35 miles) had them. Then after repeatedly checking it showed up that the store in South Attleboro ten minutes away had them, I assumed it must have been a return or something. I should have known no one would ever return these because they didn't really have them. But the associate was very helpful and called South Shore Plaza in Braintree for me, holding them under Lala because the person couldn't spell my last name. Long story I know, but it gets better. Weeks after I made the trek to get them I ran into the sales girl from S. Attleboro at the grocery store and was able to model them for her, she couldn't beleive how far I drove, but they were worth it. That and I knew South Shore Plaza was a really nice mall, so it was an excuse to visit.

59.) These lemon yellow Seychelles flats came from the now defunct Jasmine Sola (at least I think its gone, the only two in my area both went out of business a few years ago). They had great floating shoe racks clear sheets of plexiglass suspended on thin wires that the new store inherited. Now yellow has always been on the bottom of my list, and if I did wear it I leaned more towards the mustard yellow shades. I paid a lot of these simple flats, I want to say $50 at the time but they have seen their fare share of wear. You can see they're a little scuffed in the picture. They work well with spring and summer skirts especially, the only issue I really have is the silver buttons which tends to clash with most warm colored clothing that had gold tone hardware, then again if that the worst I have to worry about....

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