26 May 2012

The Muse: Fleur de Lis

 The fleur de lis (also spelled lys) is a symbol that is most closely associated with the French monarchy, though it our lived hundred of years of war and revolution to stay the Gallic national symbol. It has over time been not only political but religious, dynastic, artistic, and symbolic especially in familial coats of arms. The term literally means flower of lily, and it is an artistic rendering of that flower, though many claim it could also be a stylized iris. This pin also features the classic French blue color of the Bourbon dynasty. Even in the United States the fleur de lis is featured on the crests of French founded cities like St. Louis, Louisville, Detroit, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans as well as the flags of Louisiana, Missouri, and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and French-speaking Quebec.

 Jacket (from a suit): Blush via Coho's
Blouse: via Banana Republic
Skirt: Saint Tropez West via T. J. Maxx
Brooch: thrifted via Vintage Haven
Ring: my mother's, from somewhere in the jewelry district in Boston
Shoes: Not Rated via DSW

 This outfit is a bit conservative and matchy-matchy for me, but I've been  in the library a lot this week and for practical purposes (ie its frigid) a blazer was a necessity, though being a busty girl I normally avoid them. I won't lie, being totally coordinated sort of made me happy, because after all I never really match 100%, I have too many patterns in my wardrobe for that to ever really happen. Also a note, the flurry of posts in two days is due to the fact that my street lost internet for four days after a power outage, we didn't loose power but the street where the main router is did. Last night it finally came back after being out since Sunday morning, so I had to play catch up which is why Monday and Tuesday are outfit-less.

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