09 May 2012

The Muse: Danish Modern

The shapes of both the geometric pattern on this blouse and the architectural shapes of these trousers have a very mid-century design feel. I remember reading Lillian Jackson Braun's second novel "The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern" and being fascinated by the bold designs and colors and totally foreign ideas about design in the 1960's, contemporary when the novel was written. An entire design movement stretching from the late 40's through the 60's Bauhaus is probably the best known designer of the period and most people have has some version of the ergonomic Bauhaus chair at one point or another. Some of the classic shapes and designs of the period looked like the pictures above.

Again with the chalk stains, this time
emphasizing the wrinkles on my thighs

 I made the monumental mistake of thinking I could wear bangs
This post should really be called British
 Modern, or perhaps Tate Modern after the
gallery because the blouse and trousers are
both from British designers.
about a year ago, this odd comb-over look is the result. I could tell it would appear very odd in the photos which is why I included the shot of the side of my hair in the last picture. I have no real excuse for the random piece flying off on the left.

This is the closest to a full shot, it was the day before a test and I had a meeting on my prep so these were grabbed on the fly during lunch. 
 I took these two photos in the math office, the same as
yesterday's photos. Halfway through my office-mate
Kevin came in and cracked up when he saw me sitting at
his desk taking photos of my hands and feet.

I know that the weird combover effect in that face shot above might see like a strange hair style so I included this shot of what it looked like from the back. Anyone whose ever grown out bangs knows that awkward in-between stage!

Blouse: Oxford and Regent via J.C. Penny
Trousers: Karen Millen
Shoes: Danielle via Marshall's
Ring: thrifted via Twice the Diva
Computer Bag: Blue Suede via J. Marcel

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