25 May 2012

The Muse: The Amazing Technicolor Dream Dress

 Skirt (worn as a dress): Alice Polynesian Fashions thrifted via Artifaktori
Sweater: B'leev via T.J. Maxx
Necklace: Vintage 1960's bought at a yard sale
Ring: from Nepal via Crown Jewels, Santa Fe, NM
Shoes: Ann Martino via DSW

 The 24th was Gay Pride Day at our school and we were all asked to wear the rainbow, luckily I had bought this skirt (which lets face it I can never wear as a skirt without chopping about 15 inches off the bottom) at the Artifaktori booth at the Top Shelf Flea Market last weekend. All the teachers tried to show their support for our GLBT students, though lets face it most teachers (aka the Black Polyester Pants Brigade) wouldn't know rainbow in their wardrobe if it jumped out of their closet and knocked them on their asses. I do have to give props to our two sweet little librarians, Diane and Jan for trying real hard and getting into the spirit of the thing. One reading specialist commented on how progressive it was of our school. Okayyy... not like Gay Pride is a new thing, and after all as a public school we have to give our students freedom of speech within reason. Overall however I would have to agree, I know a lot of gay students who are very open about their sexuality, and are embraced for it. We even had a gay boy compete for Mr. (Our High School), the male beauty contest, he sang Adele and was fabulous. I doubt that would fly with the students at a lot of other high schools. Needless to say we flew our colors, loud and proud today. I also got a surprising amount of compliments on the dress, from students no less, usually they just think everything I wear is weird, perhaps tolerance was the order of the day. Also I know I again stole my title from Joseph and his coat, not poor Sara Antoinette from the Flea Market.

This flyaway cardigan is one of my most worn items,
I swear its magic and automatically takes off ten pounds
 the second you put it on. The detail on the back is beautiful,
but its hard to see the details when you have it on.

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