16 May 2012

The Muse: Orient Express

 Murder or no murder on it there is something that is undeniably romantic and fascinating about a journey by rail. Amtrack of course pales in comparison to the Orient Express, Grand Empress of railways if ever there was one. After the age of steamships came the great age of railways, luxury hotels that wished you over hill and vale, through snow-capped mountain passes and along the edge of Mediterranean cliff-tops to arrive as rested and beautiful as the moment you left. Anyone who has ever traveled any where knows that this type of travel is rare, if nonexistent today. For a price however you can still ride in the original 1920's era cars. two to five day trips around Europe run from $3-5,000. I f you want the experience, the traditional route from Paris to Istanbul, stopping in Budapest and Bucharest like Poirot did in the Agatha Christie novel, it will cost you a staggering $19,900, and only leaves once a year at the end of August.
 Sweater: Rafaella, thrifted via Twice the Diva
Tank: Walmart
Skirt: Viola via Anthropologie
Necklace: J.C. Penny's
Scarab bracelets: salvaged and repair from my grandmother's jewelry box
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft

Wouldn't everything in life be improved by the addition of luggage porters? I also think its fairly obvious that J.K. Rowling was inspired by the Prient Express when she reassigned it with Hogwarts as a destination.

Fine dining with all the accouterments required formal attire at all meals, my outfit might be fit for the initial boarding, but not long after. You can see that the original Art Deco design remains a fixture inside the cabins even ninety years later.

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