08 May 2012

The Muse: Hello Sailor!

So after two weeks of playing around with the camera, documenting all my shoes, and taking a lot of practice pictures of the cat, I think I'm ready to actually document an outfit. What have I got to loose, right? It seemed like as good a day as any, since it is after all an Everybody, Everywear Tuesday, and if I'm going to make an entrance onto the blog scene I might as well follow the best and brightest out there.
You can see what I was teaching my geometry class on the board behind me, it also explains the chalk stains on my clothes
I think the interlocking hooks are remeiniscent of anchors,
and certainly have the shiny brass effect so common to naval uniforms 

Originally I wanted to take my picture near some body of water to really get into the nautical theme, but was forced inside due to rain. I have to give photo credit to Julie (also known as Miss A) my coworker for taking the full photo, you can see the luxurious accommodations in 249, the math office behind me (the expression on my face is me trying not to laugh as we were mocked by students in the hallway).

Dress (worn as skirt): Moulinette Soeurs via Anthropologie
Polo Shirt: Chaps (for men) thrifted via Into the Wardrobe 
Tie(worn as ascot): stolen from one of my guy friends in high school
Belt: a hand-me-down from my grandmother
Bracelet: souvenir from Martha's Vineyard
Pin (worn as barrette): thrifted via Wheeler School Clothing Sale
Shoes: The Touch of Nina via Burlington Coat Factory

Natilcal: EBEW

For some real nautical inspiration I took to the family photo albums, I have a long naval tradition apparently, my father was also in the Navy but I've never seen a picture of him in uniform so I jumped back a generation or two.
My grandfather Lester Caldwell in his naval uniform circa 1943, he was 16 years old and with his father's permission quit high school to join the navy in World War II. He served in the Pacific Theater and flew in one of the aircrafts that protected the passage of the atomic bomb. Almost 60 years later he received his high school diploma as part of an honoring of the "Greatest Generation".

My great-grandfather Albert Weygand in his naval uniform circa 1918. In the service he learned his trade as an electrician which would carry him through his whole working life. He sure was a handsome devil in his uniform, and my great-grandmother must have thought so too, they had nine children together.


  1. Great look! I love that you tied a scarf to kind of look like a tie and I really love the print of your skirt!

  2. Wow! You have a great family of sailors, eh. And I love your outfit. Lovely!