08 May 2012

Shoe Story: Down with the Brown Part II

66.)These Chaps sandals were definitely an impulse buy at Kohl's, they're big on me but its not that big an issue with sandals. I really like the pattern, it give detail to an otherwise ordinary leather sandal, but even with I can't sy they get a whole lot of wear.

67.) No they're not really Burberry, but I'll let you in on a secret, when people are silly enough to think that I can afford them on a teacher's salary I lie and say they are. They are actually Chinese Laundry and are a dead ringer for the real thing (though I read somewhere the pattern dimensions have to be off on copycats) they came from the now defunct Coho's in the Garden City Mall in Cranston. It was a great old-fashioned department store where you could get some great steal on high end clothes. I believe its now a regular old Burlington Coat Factory. These get a ton of wear, for obvious reasons and have stood the test of time as I've had them at least seven years.

68.) This is my third pair of leopard pumps, I've already killed two. There are a glut of leopard print shoes on the market and I had a hard time finding one I liked them to my surprise picked up these Fioni pumps at Payless for something like $12. I like a darker color and the shiny fabric (my old pair by Wild Rose had a similar sheen) The patent leather heel and Mary Jane buckle also gave these a nice detail that set them apart.

69.) I paid a lot more than I probably should have for these Reaction by Kenneth Cole peep toes, around $40 at DSW. I say that simply because the colors are tricky to work with and the heels are very high so I pass over them often when looking for a pair to match an outfit. While they work with red, blue, and brown outside those color palates they are not very functional. Even with red I find that because red outfits often have a lot of black that they tend to clash.

70.) Another pair of sandals purchased out of sheer need last summer at T.J. Maxx. They actually originally had an ankle strap I cut off because it was way more trouble than it was worth and they still stay on and aesthetically look just fine without it. What more can you really say? They're brown and get a decent amount of wear, certainly more than the chaps. The sole look really inflexible but are actually lightly padded.

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