09 May 2013

The First Year

Sometimes it just seems like the world is working against you doesn't it? Fo my 1 year blogoversary I really, really, really wanted a picture of myself, in that day's outfit, holding balloons. I don't ask for much, all I wanted was the damn balloons. April 22, 2012 was my first post, but April 22 was both the first day back from April vacation, and rainy, not condusive to balloons. So I decided to go with my first outfit post anniversary, May 8th. Guess what it rained yesterday again, sporadic downpours interspersed with a soggy humid drizzle. So I thought I'd shoot for today, after all one day off won't make or break anything right? Well last period they cancelled all the kids games and practices, and it became clear the balloons would yet again not see the light of day. So this is me giving up on the dream of helium filled joy to celebrate a year in the blogging universe, and putting up a picture of someone else having fun with balloons on a sunny day instead.

My complaining aside the rain did give me time to reflect on the first year, and how "The Great Experiment" as I called it has gone. If I had to give myself a grade I'd probably say a B-, mainly because I dropped off significantly from September to January, mostly because of my new job, but also because as a self photographer the bad weather gave me issues. I like my camera a lot, but its time for me to invest in a good tripod that makes using the self timer less awkward. That being said I also think my photos are better, if still not fantastic. I like my detail photos a lot, and when I read other blogs that don't include detail photos, but have twelve full outfit shots that all look the same, it irks me. My outfit shots are getting better but I still have a way to go. I also think I might be overly critical of myself, because when I link up and look at tons of other blogs, I think I'm still slightly better than average.

I started with a muse every day, a highly specific muse, and while I still have some, that has slipped a bit and I would like to get back to that general principal, because in reality, it is how I plan outfits and what inspires me. I have begun linking up a lot more, and now that I've learned the basic nitty gritty stuff of blogging I want to focus on putting myself more out there, connecting more intensely through social media (I may take the plunge and get a Twitter account) and increasing readership. I still enjoy what I do so much that I just want to share it as much as possible. Over the past four months I've also lost about 15 pounds by joining Weight Watchers and increasing my time at the gym. Looking at photos of myself everyday really helped me to see that my body was not in the shape that it should be. I also spend way too much on my clothes not to have them fit. I definitely want to loose more, I can see a big difference from where I was this time last year to now, and I hope I can get to the point where I am completely comfortable with how I look on camera. This blog has helped put a lot of things about my life into perspective, and I think going forward may serve an even greater purpose in my world. There are so many muses out there, and I want to be inspire by them all. Thank you for one inspirational first year!


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