15 May 2013

The Muse: Ours is the Fury

 Remember my ill-fated Game of Thrones Fashion Challenge? I say ill-fate because I only managed to photograph a few outfits (though I wore about all of them) well I'm resurrecting it, because the Baratheon colors tie in beautifully with Marion's Trend of the Month Challenge, yellow, over at Marionberry Style. Lets face it, yellow is not a very forgiving color, and few people can wear it successfully. I love this dress, but I still think it makes pale skin look very sallow (the look of end stage live disease is never fashionable). I styled this a bit differently the last time I wore it for the GoT Challenge, but that was also a month ago and much colder weather, though the first incarnation of this outfit was tougher to go along with the warrior nature of the Baratheons. They are not my favorite house on GoT, and lets face it very few of them seem to meet good ends. That and their colors, bumble bees as your color palate are far from threatening, though their sigil, a stag could be mildly tough. Oh well,  I'm sure George R.R. Martin does very, very, well without any input from me. When I bought this all the women in the show kept saying how great it would look paired with black, particularly black patent leather. In defense of Robert, Stannis, Renly, and their kin, my friend Matt however loves the Baratheons, and has their sigil and motto tattooed on him (his ribs I think, he has Dumbledore's Army tatooed on his bicep). You'd never beleive he's also a badass Air Force loadmaster (very Top Gun) he doesn't look like the type to hide secret nerd tattoos under his tough bomber jacket does he? Then again that's what you have to love about Matt. That's also the best thing about Game of Thrones (and of course its inspiration The Song of Fire and Ice) love them or hate them you are completely draw into the lives and stories of the characters and its the wonderful and unexpected twists that keep you coming back.

Dress: Calvin Klein, thrifted via Krazy Daisy
Scarf: stolen from my friend Kenny
Brooch: Pastimes Consignments
Shoes: Kelsi Dagger via T.J. Maxx
Purse: vintage camera case, found object
Sunglasses: Dollar Tree, self-embellished


  1. I LOVE the bright yellow dress, it is so fun and bright and happy

  2. Thanks Imogen! I work in a school and today the kids were taking a test, afterwards several of them came up to me and said that while taking a test didn't make them happy, my dress did. I'm glad it made you happy too!