24 May 2013

The Muse: Floridian

 I had incredibly good luck with pictures again today, as you can see there are puddles everywhere from the storm during the day and about a half an hour after the photos were taken it started to pour again, and is still pouring now as I write this. But for a brief shining moment there was sunshine and I said "Let there be pictures". Are you glad its the weekend? I sure am, today was probably the worst day of the year for any high school teacher: the senior's last day. Anarchy is the only word to describe it. A tsunami of teenagers. There is no defeating it you just have to hold on for dear life and wait for it to be over. Graduation will be all about bittersweet memories and tearful goodbye's, the senior's last day is about trying your hardest not to strangle anyone. I was feeling very Floridian with this color combination today.  The one and only time I went to Disney, twenty-something years ago (I am not a fan of the House of the Mouse) we stayed at either The Swan or The Dolphin, I don't remember which but I remember the colors were pale peachy-pink and teal. Even my grandparent's condo in Naples always seems to pick up that color scheme. Its like a committee met before they opened up Florida for business and decided on an appropriate tropical color scheme. With 100 % humidity, I felt right at home, its also fun to mix up the regular color scheme of the skirt with unexpected accessories.

 Dress: I Heart Ronson via J.C. Penny
Tank: Forever 21 (really old)
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted via Savers
Brooch: vintage 1960's, via RI Antiques Mall
Purse: DSW
Bracelet: vintage, ??? so old I can't remember
Shoes: Ann Marino via DSW

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  1. Love your outfit. So pretty. Visiting from the Blog Hop. I'm also hosting one. Please stop by. Tres-Chic Fashion THursday weekly link up.