23 May 2013

The Muse: Coming up Roses

 I had misplaced this blouse for almost a year, by accidentally hanging it on the same hanger as a jacket. I was seriously puzzled as to where it had gone, then when I was shifting summer and winter clothes last weekend it turned up to great celebration on my part. I also was in and out of the optometrist's office in just a half an hour, literally an experience rarer than gold. This meant that I had time to go to the half off sale at The Bargain Box in Southborough. Its a great little thrift shop run in the spring and fall by St. Mark's Episcopal Church, and I've featured many of my finds there on this blog. Its also the only place my boss shops. Because of the Flapper 104 workshop last Sunday I missed the first 50% off day, so I was very glad I finished  early and go to go today. Despite an ugly brewing storm I was also able to get a few photos on Southborough's beautiful town green. Its an almost picture perfect little town, quintessential New England and centered around St. Mark's and the Fay School. A delightful place to spend a Thursday afternoon, certainly better than reading six-month old magazines at the eye doctor's. Everything really is coming up roses today.

Blouse: One Star via Target
Skirt: Edward, hand-me-down from my sister-in-law L'Oreal
Purse: via DSW
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via Wheeler School Clothing Sale
Sunglasses: Dollar Tree, self-embellished

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