16 May 2013

The Muse: Little Havana

One of the first dresses I ever bought at Anthropologie was called the Little Havana dress. Sadly I am now too fat to fit in it, though I have high hopes of being able to fit in it again. Before I outgrew its proportions however we had a good run the Little Havana dress and I, it was one of the go to objects in my closet from 2007-2009. This outfit reminds me a lot of that dress, both in the colors, patters, shape, and overall mood of the pieces. Better yet I fit in it. I know Litle Havana refers to Miami, due to high numbers of Cuban immigrants. I prefer to imagine the dress that inspired the outfit, and the outfit itself as being from the Mother country. I've never been to Cuba but I tried to imagine how it was before Castro in the 40's and 50's, a tropical paradise in the Caribbean, albeit with a repressed people. There was enough of an aristocratic air that the population took pride in their appearance and at night you went out on the town to see and be seen. I have not doubt that I am hard to miss in this outfit.

 Dress (worn underneath blouse): vintage, no label, thrifted via Goodwill
Blouse: Anthropologie
Necklace: vintage belt made into a necklace, thrifted via yard sale
Bracelet: Forever 21
Ring: Chic2Chic
Hat (once on a headband, now broken off): no idea, my cousin Madeline found it in a drawer in her house and assumed it was mine (doesn't it look like me?) and gave it to me. I'm a scavenger at heart!
Purse: vintage makeup case, via RI Antiques Mall
Shoes: Fashion Bug thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store

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