30 June 2012

The Muse: Lost

Given that my mother and I rarely agree on a television show to watch, and the fact that we are a decidedly unmodern one television household, we had to reach an impasse. This comes in the form of Dvds, we've watched all kinds of miniseries, films, and boxed sets of television shows (mostly ones that were on too late for us to watch when they were on TV). The most recent is Lost, which I mentioned to her after getting it from the library was one of Stephen King's favorite shows, needless to say that hurt its case more than it helped it, but eventually I talked her into it and we've almost finished season three. Now I won't lie, huge chunks of it are up until this point totally pointless, though obviously it may make more sense in the future, but overall I like it. If nothing else the scenery is a real treat to look at (and I don't just mean Josh Holloway with his shirt off). This dress, actually being from Hawaii (the show was filmed entirely on Oahu) needless to say came to mind. Not that it would at all be practical if I were plane wrecked on a desert island. In fact I think that's why I find the show so fascinating, because frankly I would have been the first one kidnapped by the Others, or run down by the smoke monster, in fact I'd have been the first eaten by a polar bear. But at least I'd look good while he was doing it.
 Dress: vintage, Hukilau Fashions, thrifted via Goodwill
Scarf: vintage, thrifted via Goodwill
Brooch: vintage, thrifted via Wrentham Antiques Market Place (now closed)
Sandals: Rasoli via T.J. Maxx
Purse: vintage, Whiting and Davis, thrifted via Pastimes Consignments

The sandals really threw everything off, other than them this outfit is entirely thrifted vintage, all very high quality too for very low prices, the dress was $6.99 and the scarf was $0.50, I can't remember exactly how much the brooch was, but $10 or less. The sandals alas are new. In truth I find that shoes are the most difficult thing to buy secondhand, first because the take a beating even from light wear and secondly the materials they are made of often don't hold up well, especially if they aren't well cared for. Cloth is easily stained and worn, and leather cracks and dries out. I have had a few pairs of second hand shoes literally fall apart on me, which is why I only have handful. 
 I took these pictures at what is turning out to be my favorite time of the day for pictures, late afternoon/early evening as the sun is going down. I've read a lot of bloggers who warn against taking photos in bright sunlight, however I think the pictures by far come out the best. Not only does it give everything a sort of rosy glow, but colors come out more intense, and best of all you get some really great and very dramatic shadows.

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