22 June 2012

Wedding Season Swap and Shop

All day Wednesday I debated whether of not I should bite the bullet and brave the heat for the third swap of the season at 40 Berkeley. I had missed last moth's Fiesta Swap because of a school function, but I did attend back in April while I was on school vacation and came home with some decent stuff. I confess if there was ever a swap I should go to this would be it because the main focus was dresses to wear to special events, specifically weddings. The tagline was something like 'you can wear the same dress to two different friends weddings' In case you hadn't already noticed I have something of a dress fetish and wear them almost every day, so I need no excuse to acquire a new one. Thankfully I also have no weddings to attend this summer, so I can wear all of my acquisitions as often as I like. I confess it was hot as hell... and then some, so I only stayed like 20-30 minutes then left. I also got extremely lucky though, I found great stuff my first time through the racks. But the pictures aren't too hot to look at, and the ice cold prosecco and awesome swaps made the trip to the inferno worth it.

One of Holly Dolly's photos, I saw her frolicking about in her adorable little outfit,
taking lots of artsy photos, I was going to tell her how much I enjoy her blog but I got stage fright after I had accadentially gotten lost on my way to the patio in front of her and looked like a total moron.

Two of the Swapaholics photos from before the storm, I was only about
ten minutes late but most of the stuff on the racks was gone by the time I got there at 7:10

Bria checking ID's and passing out
bracelets so we could enjoy cocktails!

The girls from 90+ Cellars had prsecco and
sparkling rose to keep thirsty swappers
nice and cool, they were very popular

I swapped 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 1 necklace, 1 purse, and 1 pair of shoes. I already posted one of my swapped dresses earlier today. Here's what I came home with:

This Golden Crown purse looked like it had never been used,
the paper it was stuffed with and tag were both still intact.

This dress looks to be home made, and actually is very similar in design
the the dress I brought home from the last swap. I removed the long sleeves
and think that with a belt this will work out nicely.

This dress by Jessica Howard could actually have been a bridesmaid's dress,
but I know a lot of department stores also sell Jessica Howard in their prom
and cocktail sections. Its nice because it does have thin spaghetti
straps rather than strapless like a lot of dress in this style.

This dress is definitely vintage, probably from the late 80's, it did still have a plastic
tag holder on it (you can see it in the closeup) but it seems unlikely that its never been worn.
Also the colors are a little distorted its actually pink and purple with black stripes, but the
purple came out blue in the pictures. This is a great dress and very flattering for my figure,
I already have big plans for it.

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