17 June 2012

The Muse: Ladybird

 Friday night I got the opportunity to feel really old, when my cousin Madeline graduated from high school. Not only do I remember when she was born, but I remember being at her parent's wedding. I have seven cousins on my father's side of the family, but Madeline is the only one I'm really close with, mainly because we've lived in the same state always. In 2007 after I had a seizure and the DMV took my license away for six months my aunt and uncle also let me move in with them for six moths to finish my last semester of college. Us both being only children, Madeline and I have always had a close almost sister-like bond. Knowing many of her friends as well I wouldn't have missed the opportunity to see the graduation for the world, thought me devotion did lag after the sixth speech. I'm very proud of her, and though I will miss her desperately when she heads off to NYU in the fall I can't wait to see her fly!

 Dress: East 5th via J.C. Penny's
Necklace: vintage, via yard sale
Shoes: Nine West

I always loved that Claudia Johnson was called 'Ladybird', I remember having a Scholastic book fair book on the first ladies which didn't even list her real name, it just said Ladybird Johnson. I confess I was a little disappointed to discover, and ladybird is in fact exactly the same as a lady bug, just a Texas version of it. Apparently as a child she was "as purty as a ladybird". That being said I like to think this outfit is something an actual bird who is a lady would wear. Brilliant plumage, kitten heels, and vintage enamel wear. I just wish I had the snazzy bouffant hairdo to go with it.
Can you tell Madeline and I are related?
Check out the 5 inch heels she
pomp and circumstanced in!

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