25 June 2012

The Muse: Rainy Days and Mondays

 Today did not inspire much in the way of anything, besides moody 70's folk music from the Carpenters. I will admit the thunderstorms that rocked New England from the crack of dawn until about one this afternoon were impressive but pretty much discouraged moving far from the couch. When I finally did drag myself out, for an extremely exciting trip to Shaw's to buy lettuce and tortellini I wasn't left with a whole lot of options for photos, so enjoy the best the interior of my car and the garage have to offer in terms of photo opportunity. Also I have to confess this skirt was sort of unlawfully borrowed.  Four years ago when I worked at Taunton Catholic Middle School for Halloween I dressed up in the student uniform, this skirt, a white Oxford, and a cranberry V-neck sweater. The skirt and the sweater I found in a box in one of my classroom's closets along with probably 15 others of each item as well as the boys gray uniform pants. After Halloween I washed and dried them and put them in a shopping bag to go back, as often happens they just sat there. At the end of the year when I left TCMS the box went down to the office for students who couldn't afford to purchase uniforms, as you can see I still have the single uniform I borrowed. I discovered the bag when cleaning out a closet probably a year later, and well never being one to waste any item of clothing... I doubt anyone missed it but at least someone's wearing it!

Shirt: LOL Vintage via Target
Skirt: Royal Park Uniforms via Donnelly's
Necklace: J. C. Penny
Bracelet: bought by my grandmother at CVS
Sandals: Capelli New York via T. J. Maxx
Purse: vintage, Nine West, thrifted via
Second Time Around

The one ray of sunshine on this otheriwse rainy Monday was that Saver had 50% off everything in there store today. After Shaw's I stopped by and fought the crowds. No luck in terms of clothes (like I need luck when it comes to finding clothes) but I did pick up two pairs of boots off season. One pair I was practically ordered to buy by a rather scary girl who paid me one too many compliments for comfort on how good my legs looked in them. Looks like we both got a good deal, I got new boots and she got the cheap thrill of seeing me try them on. Everybody wins.

M.C. & Powers boots $6.99, paid $3.50 on sale

Kenneth Cole Reaction boots, brand new, never been worn
$29.99, paid $15 on sale

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