14 June 2012

The Muse: Molly McIntire

 Headband: Forever 21
Dress: vintage, Samantha Stevens Petites, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Purse: vintage, Stylecraft Miami, thrifted via Christ Church Thrift Store, Lonsdale
Shoes: Bandolino via ??

In honor of Flag Day today, I decided to emulate the most patriotic of the American Girls (remember them? They come up surprisingly often among the young teachers who came of age in the 90's). Molly was the first American Girl I got, Christmas of 1994. Later on I got Samantha, and always really liked Felicity but Molly was my first favorite. I think it had to do with her awkwardness, she wasn't pretty or refined in any way...a lot like me and most girls at that age. Also I felt like I could relate because she at least had a connection  to my world, she drove in cars and wore clothing that was somewhat like mine, her school even looked like mine. The other American girls just didn't always translate as well.

 Molly was also of an age with my grandmother (within three years, Molly was 10 in 1944, my grandmother would have been 13) so I could ask her about the things I read in the books, ration stamps and blackout curtains, things that were certainly foreign to me. All of Molly's clothes are great and all have a classic Norman Rockwellesque version of American style, but my favorite was always Meet Molly her first adventure, and the outfit pictured at the top of the page. I desperately wanted a beret/tam to wear but my mother thought I was crazy and would never buy me one. So I wore a big flower instead. She also said today "Molly had a plaid sweater", apparently the plaid shoes aren't reminiscent enough. Bless her soul but my mother still doesn't comprehend the difference between the muse and the costume.

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