12 June 2012

The Muse: Go Big or Go Home

Moderation in all things is supposed to be a virtue, in wardrobe choices however I've never found this to be true, if you're going to wear neon, wear neon. At first when I saw the announcement for Everybody, Everywhere this month I was in a panic thinking I didn't own anything neon. In fact this blouse was the closest I had. Then as I was hanging something up in my closet I saw these trousers hanging there. Truth is, while I knew they were bright it never occurred to me that they are only a millimeter away from being full blown Chernobyl radioactive green. Fact they were not always this color, these started out as plain white linen, on sale at the end of last summer for $1.97. I bought them figuring nothing would be lost if they were a flop. I originally intended to dye them a nice pale jade green, but that was shot to hell when I saw the IDye had a chartreuse color, and I certainly got my money's worth, they are bright enough to make even the most confirmed color addict blind. That being said I wear them quite often, and have no complaints other than their tendency to wrinkle as soon as you breathe in them. Usually I wear them with a more subdued color on top, gray, black, or most recently navy blue, and it helps them from being over the top outrageous. But like I said, if you're going to do neon, go big or go home.

Blouse: Lapis via Marshalls
Black Shirt: Joe Webb Original
Trousers: Worthington via J.C. Penny's, self-dyed
Shoes: Audrey Brooke via DSW

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  1. Hello! I've hopped on over from EBEW. The hot pink shoe paired with the neon yellow pant certainly caught my eye! I LOVE, LOVE it all!! I am with you. I did not think I had a think neon in my closet, but turns out I had plenty. This trend definitely made me want to go all out! So fun! Again, love... oh, and love the background of your page.

    Best, Whitley

  2. how cute! great colors together.