13 June 2012

The Muse: Seaside Lane

This skirt was white when I bought it, though the pattern was painted on. I seemed a little blah, and it was a lot of plain white for my taste, in fact there was so much fabric that the pattern got lost. Not wanting it too dark to totally obscure the pattern I only left it in the turquoise dye bath for about five minutes (versus yesterday's pants which stayed in an hour and a half). I rinsed them immediately which gave a sort of variegated effect in some places, but I like it because it seems like there are clouds across a very blue sky. I think the skirt has lots more depth now and I'm much more inclined to wear it.

When I was in about fifth grade my father bought his first boat, for the next seven years, until his death he became an avid boater, totally immersing himself in the lifestyle that surrounded it. He even name the boat the "Usta Golf".  In the seven years between fifth grade and my graduation from high school we went a lot of different places around new England and the MidAtlantic in the Usta Golf and its two larger successors. One thing all these places had in common was a quaint seaside village charm that pervaded them. White Federal-style sea captain's homes, seafood shacks, creaking lobster boats tied up to weathered wharves. But nothing was more pervasive that the seaside gardens leading out a wandering path through the dunes to a lighthouse. The gardens feature hardy plants, mainly grasses, but also tough beach roses with their pink blooms and cherry tomato- like rose hips, deep blue hydrangea that flourish in the sea air. One year on Martha's Vineyard I brought back a light switch cover for my mother's bedroom that showed such a scene, the Edgartown lighthouse on a sandy beach against a blue sky with pink roses in the foreground. Th plate is long gone now, but she commented that my outfit today reminded her of it. 
You can't go to the sea shore without
 a few sea shells, these actually came from
an antique store right by the sea in Wickford.

 Sweater: via Express
Shirt: INC via Macy's
Skirt: Covington (overdyed blue) thrifted via Krazy Daisy
Shoes: City Streets via J.C. Penny
Earrings: vintage
Purse (in full-length photo): DeDe via Anthropologie

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