04 July 2012

The Muse: Shriner's Ballet

 In terms of being a die hard musical fan you could take a lot of issue with the very edited, watered- down version of Bye Bye Birdie that made it into the movie. It looses a lot of the sweet charm and tries a little too hard to be big showbiz, not to mention a lot of great songs were lost in the fray. That being said if you take it for what it is the movie is still light and funny. One thing that makes it through and comes across as just as racy for the 1950's is the Sultan's or Shriner's Ballet. Rosie, upset with Albert goes to the local hotspot looking for trouble and doesn't really find it until she makes a little trouble of her own with a roomful of seemingly staid businessmen gathering for a Shriner's meeting. While looking for a good photo I did find out the Shriner's are never mentioned as an organization by name, but anyone whose ever been to a parade would recognize them even without the benefit of the tiny cars they ride in. The fez is a rather conspicuous accessory. the Shriners are a rather interesting organization, and I think worth mentioning, because I frankly didn't know much other than the little cars, hospitals, and of course the fez fad. The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, actually has nothing to do with anything Arabic, it was a bunch of Victorian white dudes who decided to take Freemasonry to the next level. You need to be a Master Mason to join, and it is a fraternal organization father than anything religious. THere are female branches called the Daughters of the Nile and Ladies of the Oriental Shrine which can be joined if you are related to a Master Mason. They do enormous good through their children's hospitals, which there are 22 of, the headquarters being in FLorida, and raise 826 million for care annually. They are also one of the leaders in noteworthy Islamic architecture being the most elaborate builders of Masonic temples. Come for the fringe stay for the philanthropy. Now unfortunately I do not own a fez, but I embraced the colors and the fringe, and this jacket in particular (made by a uniform company, the same one that makes hospital scrubs and johnnies it was probably what busboy wore) feels like it came out of a swank 50's night club. Unfortunatelt at 65 % polyester it was not the wisest choice to wear to church during the middle of a heat wave, I barely made it out alive, I had to sit in the car with the air conditioning on for a while so I wasn't bright red in the pictures. I'll make sure to steer clear of polyester for the rest of the summer, I haven't got Dick van Dyke to swoop in and save me.

Jacket: vintage, Angelico Uniform Co., thrifted via Savers (Woonsocket)
Shirt (not visible): No Boundaries (I think ????) via Walmart
Scarf: brand unknown, gift from my grandmother, so its probably from Sears (she works there)
Skirt: brand unknown, vintage, thrifted via Savers (No. Attleboro)
Shoes: Bandolino via DSW
Purse: vintage, cleaned and handle replaced, thrifted via Christ Episcopal Church Thrift Store , Lincoln

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