11 July 2012

The Muse: Daisy Buchanan

 The Great Gatsby is very much at the forefront of fashion consciousness these days due to the release of the new film in December. I never like the Robert Redford-Mia Farrow film from the 80's, and I have my doubts about the new film as well, though all the casting choices seem sound. I think the problem is that Gatsby is one of those pieces of literature that just doesn't translate well to film, despite the fact that it has the sort of over the top luxury that should go hand in hand with the silver screen. There is something illusive about the characters as well as the story which makes it hard to visualize, a sort of indistinct idea, kind of like the green light that Gatsby watches from his dock. However philosophical musings aside I was excited by some of the costuming choices I've seen released so far, because in the older film it seems like Mia Farrow was constantly draped in gauzy white curtains left over from a 70's love in. The 1920's as a decade was nothing if not big and bold, with lots of beading and fabulous geometric prints and as the story that defined the decade Gatsby should reflect that. That being said, Daisy Buchanan, like so many other heroines is always a style icon, despite her many flaws, her style is flawless. I have had this dress for probably five years, which is interesting given that color blocking is just becoming popular as a fashion trend, and this like most of my color blocked dresses and skirts is several seasons out of fashion. Perhaps something can be said for hanging on forever. I'm thinking the cloche hat will be making a comeback soon too.

 Dress: Moulinette Souers vetements via Anthropologie
Necklace: J. C. Penny (very old)
Hat: Kimchi Blue via Urban Oufitters
Brooch (worn on hat): J. Marcel
Shoes: Ann Marino via DSW
I am still working on getting the right focus when using my timer,
this was the best I could do for a full view of the color blocking.

Color Blocking: Everbody, Everywear

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