11 July 2012

The Muse: Tucked In

So I got a desperate call from a girlfriend Saturday night in need of a drink and so we went to the eternally fabulous Dorrance in downtown Providence. It was quiet (this is traditionally the slowest week of the year in the city because everyone is on vacation) despite Waterfire and a Native American Powwow going on right up the street, but its the perfect place to sit down for an old fashioned cocktail in the Renaissaince City. All of their bartenders are well trained, knowledgeable, and can throw down the hooch like nobody's business. Its only the third time I've been but it can easily become an obsession. If nothing else sitting inside the turn of the century bar under stained glass windows makes you forget where you are, even if its only for the length of a single drink.

 I apologize for the quality and location of the photos, as it turned out my girlfriend over indulged just a bit so the only opportunity I had to snap photos was in the Dorrance's classy bathroom. Enjoy the toilet paper holder and actual toilet that make their way into several photos. Also it was the first time I took this new skirt out for a spin, it was full price at Marshall's but I loved the print and shape so I broke my sale only rule and paid full price, which at Marshall's was only $19.99. With the fuller skirt I felt I needed a more fitted top so I just wore it over this dress. not sure ow I feel about the all tucked in look, though ironically my girlfriend had a similar outfit on with a fitted black top and a full floral skirt. Am I becoming trendy? Nah, no one who takes outfit pictures in the can is in danger of becoming trendy.

 Dress (worn as a shirt): vintage, no brand, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store (Swansea)
Skirt: via Marshall's
Necklace: Anthropologie
Bracelet and Ring: junk jewelry salvage from my grandmother
Purse: vintage, Whiting and Davis, thrifted via Pastimes Consignments
Shoes (not pictured): Nine West

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