27 July 2012

THe Muse: Ma Ingalls

 What is it about gingham that brings to mind open prairies, covered wagons, and log cabins? An Michael Landon of course. Everything about this outfit reminds me of pioneer fashion, aside from gingham, floral calico was very common as were darker colors because they lasted longer without showing as many stains. Cameos and enamelware jewelry were also practical affordable solutions to accompany SUnday best, or perhaps a trip to the little library on the prairie to escape a brief rain shower and pay ye old library fines. Two years ago when I drove cross-country one of our stops in the great state of Kansas was just outside Independence at the site of the original Little House on the Prairie. Obviously the original cabin no longer exists but a replica was built using the same construction methods, materials, and dimensions. Alongside it are a period post office and one room school house which offer up a nice three for one deal. It was admittedly dusty and out of the way, not to mention a little slow on buisiness (though four other people had been in on that day) but if you read the books it was a real treat. Also I find that when I tell people the places I went this is undoubtedly one of the places they're most impressed with, men and women alike. Never underestimate the power of good old fashioned pioneer fun, after all Ma Ingalls knows best.
Dress: Forever 21
Wrap: ??? via Target
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent via J. Marcel
Necklace: gift via Marshall's 
(remember when they had a jewelry counter a million years ago?)
Bracelet: Vintage Haven
Brooch: vintage via ??? possibly Pastimes Consignments
Purse: swapped via Wedding Season Swap and Shop

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