01 June 2013

May Location Wrap-up

I don't really like taking outfit photos indoors. Its a personal preference, and I've actually read many bloggers who fell the exact opposite way. I just think natural light makes everything, you clothes, your skin, your hair, look better. It also picks up detail that can disappear in less vibrant lighting. Wind and sunlight also make for much more dynamic poses and movement in your pictures. My house has no over head lighting with the exception of the kitchen and the bathroom, so lighting with lamps, even with a lot of them can be  very tricky.

All in all I would rather just skip outfit photos than take them inside. This is bad for consistency, and it definitely caught up with me during the really bad winter we just went through, however I will try from now on when there is inclement weather to post a little bit about the locations that I shoot in. I am lucky enough to live in the suburbs within comfortable distances of both cities and really rural areas. THere are a lot of very picturesque locations for photos even within walking distance of my house. I'm very lucky to live where I do, and I like to take full advantage of that.

For the month of May, in honor of Memorial Day I tried to focus on local monuments to soldiers. Anyone who has driven through any small New England town knows there is a town green, and on that town green is at least one war memorial, usually more than one. Here's a little bit about the places I visited throughout the month of May:

1.) The Lusty Month of May: May 1, 2013

Civil War Memorial, Baptist Common, between Park and South Washington Streets,
 North Attleborough, MA 02760

2.) Flamenco: May 3, 2013

Attleboro Memorial to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces, Rte. 152, Attleboro, MA 02703

3.)Silver Lining: May 14, 2013

Memorial Band Stand and Memorial Cairn, Municipal Park, 
South Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA 02760

4.) Coming Up Roses: May 23, 2013

Civil War Memorial, "Holy Hill", Town Common, 17 Common Street,  Southborough, MA, 01772

5.) Floridian: May 24, 2013

War Memorial Circle, The Monastery, 1464 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, RI 02864

6.) Poppies of Flander's Field: May 29, 2013

Korean War Memorial, Barrows Park, South Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA 02760

This is just a small slice of the places I visit, stay tuned for from Rainy Day Location Travel!

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