13 June 2013

The Muse: Buccanear

 Pirates are one of those things that are far too romanticized. In reality we know there is absolutely nothing sexy about pirates. They are a bunch of barbaric men with poor hygiene sailing around raping and pillaging together. In fact Captain Hook from Peter Pan is probably on the sweet and cuddly, not to mention hunky end of the spectrum. As for Johnny Depp, all the eyeliner in the world will not cut down on the pirate stench. That being said, who doesn't love pirates? they may not be nice, or clean, or have all their teeth, but there is something exciting about their life of adventure on the salty seas. I actually enjoy pirates so much, that I have a pair of pirate pants. There are frothy waves, the bounding main, a craggy coastline, and of course a bevy of ships ready to do battle and plunder a merchant or two. As you know, I am not really a pants person, however, pants that are associated with pirates, make me want to wear pants.

hen on Monday I stopped by J. Marcel on Hope Street (you know, just because it was on the way home from my doctor's appointment) and found this fantastic necklace for 50% off. The woman said that everyone who tried it on compared it to oysters, and I can definitely see it. Golden oysters, what could be more pirate than that? Oysters both come from the sea and are an aphrodisiac, and anyone who's ever read a bodice ripper knows how randy those pirates are. Yes I not only have pirate pants, but I also read trashy romance novels, deal with it.
Sweater: Forever 21, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Dress (worn as a top):Pins and Needles via Urban Outfitters
Pants: Lilka via Anthropologie
Necklace: J. Marcel
Ring: vintage, my grandmother's
Purse: Anthropologie
Shoes: Monsoon (UK)

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  1. Yet another interesting entry on the importance of fashion!

  2. Thanks Doc I appreciate that you don't gag in horror at the prospect of your former student reading trashy romance novels rather than Beowulf, I do try to impart a modicum of relevance into all I write and do, even when the subject is pirates! Of course you could be being ironic in which case, boy do I look like a fool.