29 June 2013

The Muse: Maxed Out

 So I have been MIA for a bit. I took a jaunt down to Savannah for four days and forgot to take my camera cord with me, so these photos which were meant for Marion's Trend of the Month Linkup almost two weeks ago, never got there. Then I got back and got caught up in end of the year school madness, then my mother surprised me by landing herself in the hospital with a kidney stone (sadly this usually happens about once a year). Madness everywhere. But now school is (finally) out, and she's home and healthy so I can get back in the swing of things. Onto the fashion bit. Marion's trend was maxis, both dresses and skirts. I confess I think I'm a little short for them, however when I went in my closet I actually have six or seven maxis. About evenly distributed, between the skirts and dresses, more than I thought, and I actually bought another at Goodwill on Broughton Street in Savannah that I wore almost immediately the next day. Of all of them however, I think this is definitely the wildest, and probably my favorite. See some of the other ways I've styles maxis here: 1, 2, 3, 4.
 This dress actually has a story. I saw it the first time I ever shopped at the Salvation Army Family store in Swansea, MA (a wonderful place where I've found some great things). I was ready to buy it and several other things but the line was too long and I had to abandon them to make another engagement on time. I then dreamed about this dress for a week before I could get back there to buy it (though in my memory it had a handkerchief bottom lined with black fringe, which thank God is not the reality). Luckily the fashion gods were on my side and it was still there looking like it escaped from an Austin Powers movie. Its kitschy  I know, but there is something about the garish paisley print that is irresistible and I get stopped a lot about it when I wear this dress. Marion cautioned in her post about maxis that one must be careful not to look like an escapee from Little House on the Prairie when wearing maxis, I shudder to think what she would have to say about this.  It is undoubtedly the most maxed out of all maxis.

 Dress: vintage, no label, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Belt (off another dress): Karen Millen
Purse: via DSW
Shoes: Capelli via T.J. Maxx
Sunglasses: J. Marcel


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  1. I love love love that dress! Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you back Friday!
    Penniless Socialite