22 August 2012

The Muse: Wild Blue Yonder

 I had never been to a Francesca's Collection, in fact before I got a gift certificate there last CHristmas I had never even heard of it. I went to the one at Legacy Place in Dedham and thought it was okay, a nice selection but limited sizes and a bit over priced for the quality. I have been looking for a blouse with a bird print for some time and was very happy with the color, print, and cut of this (if I were a bit younger I would wear it as a dress but those days and those legs are long gone). All flats in the store were also on sale, so I scored these suede glitter oxfords. After using my gift card it only ended up costing me $8 for the two items out of pocket. These paisley shorts had been lingering unworn for lack of a coordinating friend to play with. The necklace is also fun, last year I got invited on a field trip to Slater Mill in Pawtucket (the oldest in America) by Betty Lee one of the teachers I worked with as an ELL instructor, we had a special bond as one of the three Elizabeths in the building (I was Elizabeth, she was Betty in 3rd grade, and there was a Liz who taught 5th grade). She heard I had never been, despite living in Rhode Island all my life and asked me to come along. One of the activities the students did was to make a spool of thread from start to finish; drill the hole by hand, sand it down so the thread didn't snag, then wind the thread straight into the spool. The man running the workshop gave the spool they finished to me, and its nice to have something they worked so hard on and did by hand.So last Wednesday night I went out for quesadillas and sangria with my friend Alyssa at Tortilla Flats and this outfit was the obvious choice. Now at the time I has every good intention of taking outfit photos. Then it started to rain, so we drank more sangria hoping that would improve the situation, and then it started to pour. And there I was wearing my new suede shoes. Insert appropriate expletive here. So I took off the shoes, stuffed them in my purse, shoved the purse in my armpit because they really didn't fit all that well, and we ran for it, me wearing nothing but my socks. Did I mention we parked three blocks away? Needless to say the socks have now gone to sock heaven, though they didn't actually tear through. But it was close, believe me as I drove home wearing nothing but wet, threadbare socks I was very aware of the situation.

 Blouse: Buttons via Francesca's Collection
Shorts: Lauren by Ralph Lauren via Into the Wardrobe
Shoes: Not Rated via Francesca's Collection
Necklace: Handmade, souvenir of Slater Mill
Bracelet: Poundland (the British version of Dollar Tree)
Purse: Lulu Townsend via DSW

P.S. Fun fact, yonder is actually a word. I thought it was one of those made up words (Shakespeare tended to do that) it means at some distance (usually a long one) in a particularly indicated direction. Hopefully you feel enriched

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