20 August 2012

The Muse: Down the Rabbithole

So I will confess I was not all that thrilled with this outfit, I like all the pieces separately, I even like them as an outfit but all together when I looked at it something just didn't work. I usually lay out all of my outfits in advance and because of that know if I like them or not, and sometimes, as with shopping, just laying things out together doesn't give you an idea of how its going to look on your body. Overall however I was definitely down the rabbit hole with this outfit, from the polka dots and oversized flowers to the crazy print on the shirt there was enough quirky here without any bottles labelled 'drink me'. This shirt is always a conversation starter. I bought it on sale at Target maybe five years ago, for less than $5. It was a spur of the moment purchase and I just thought it was fun. Last year at a consignment shop I saw a dress with the same pattern in different colors for sale for over a hundred dollars, so I'm not sure who copied who (it was so cute I might have considered the dress if it was my size). Over the years however some have come to see the shirt as some sort of a declaration of certain proclivities. Me I just thought a shirt with cuckoo clocks, cats wearing crowns and jewelry, apples, grapes, and mushrooms was quirky. One of my students Joey, however seemed to think I was a secret magic mushroom fiend, and I was covertly proclaiming it through my clothes. In homage, when at Christmas time his chemistry teacher had them make crystallized ornaments using paperclips and Borax, he made me a mushroom Christmas ornament. I hung it from the clock over my desk, to the amusement of my office mate and the Chemistry teacher, Kevin. A week later  he asked me to take it down because kids kept asking why he had a magic mushroom hanging up in the office. Who says people aren't influenced by fashion? I got a few good shots but nothing too memorable. The light was not cooperating when I took these pictures, almost all were over exposed, then when I moved to the shade they were too dark even with the flash. It was one of those days, not really bad but full of petty annoyances. Okay the two hour disaster backup on 95 in both directions wasn't petty, but luckily a woman who came into the store where I was in Pawtucket warned be so I could take 114 home and avoid the mess. What was intended to be a quick trip still took upwards of three hours however and by the time I stopped to take these photos my patience may have been wearing a bit thin. It happens to the best of us.

Shirt: Mossimo via Target
Skirt: vintage, no label, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Necklace: vintage, via Wrentham Antiques Market (now closed)
Shoes: vintage, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store
Purse: vintage, Lewis, hand me down from Great-Aunt Connie

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